Students can follow Lewis' campaign on Instagram, @onnie4queen

Q: What is your year and major at Missouri state?

A: I am a senior studying, middle school social studies education. 


Q: What organizations are you representing as a candidate?

A: I am representing Sigma Kappa.


Q: What other organizations are you involved in at Missouri State?

A: When I’m not watching TikToks, you can find me giving tours as a University Ambassador or working at the front desk of the College of Education Advising Center in Hill Hall.


Q: What are some of your other hobbies, outside of Missouri State?

A: I love listening to music and watching TikToks for two consecutive hours per day. 


Q: How have you been staying positive amidst this pandemic? 

A: I have been taking life day-by-day and always make sure to do things that I genuinely enjoy. I think that making the most out of what is going on is what has been keeping me uplifted. 


Q: What are your plans after graduation?

A: I hope to get a job in a seventh or eighth grade classroom and teach American History. I’m not sure where I’d like to live, but I’m excited to begin my job search soon.

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