During my first year at Missouri State, it took me six months to gather the courage to ask what SGA meant. It was unbelievable how much time I spent only understanding half the conversation as seasoned students threw around practiced campus lingo.

This might seem inconsequential, like the last thing a new student should be worrying about, but it can be helpful to understand some of the popular phrases and acronyms used on campus. Here are just a few of the places, organizations and events you’ll likely hear about at Missouri State. 



If you spend time at Missouri State, you will undoubtedly hear someone talk about SAC. SAC is the Student Activities Council, an organization which regularly provides the campus with amazing events and opportunities. From concerts to guest speakers to movies in the PSU theater, SAC plans wonderful entertainment all year long.  


SGA is Missouri State’s Student Government Association, a group of elected and appointed student representatives. They create initiatives for programs to better life at Missouri State and ensure students are represented.


Spend enough time with the theater majors and you’ll hear about RCOAL. RCOAL is the shortened name of the Judith Enyeart Reynolds College of Arts and Letters, the college of communication, English, theater and art majors along with many others. Craig Hall is the college’s home. It was simply called “COAL” (pronounced like the word “coal”) until being renamed in  2020. 


During your time at Missouri State, the abbreviation you’ll likely hear the most is PSU. The PSU, also known as Plaster Student Union, can be found near the center of campus next to Freudenberger House and across from Baker Bookstore. Whether you’re searching for a restaurant to grab lunch, a nice place to study or the campus Starbucks, the PSU has it all. 

North Mall 

The grassy space in front of the PSU and Baker Bookstore is often the place to be for outdoor events on campus. This space is known as the North Mall and is a nice place to catch the sights and sounds of campus, even when no event is scheduled.


Although there are many dorms on campus, Freudenberger House is one of the only ones to have earned itself a nickname: Freddy. You’ll save everyone a little bit of time by using the shortened name, too.  

The Plaza 

People will usually refer to the Plaza with a series of points and vague directions, but occasionally you’ll hear the space between the fountain and Carrington Hall referred to by name. The Plaza is the bustling hub of campus, often filled with students hurrying to class or enjoying the view of the fountain.  

Fountain Day

Speaking of the Plaza, that’s where you’ll find the festivities of Fountain Day. Every spring when the fountain finally returns to life, you’ll find students celebrating in the Plaza with food, friends and plenty of free swag.  

Bear Park North/South 

Along with the many parking lots on campus, you will find Bear Park North and Bear Park South, aptly located on the north and south sides of campus, respectively. These are Missouri State’s two parking structures. Bear Park North can be found across Cherry Street from The Standard’s very own Clay Hall, next door to Juanita K. Hammons Hall for the Performing Arts. Bear Park South is located next to Strong Hall on Grand Street.  

Dead Day 

Possibly the most stressful day of the semester, Dead Day is the Friday before finals week begins. This day you’ll have no classes, but it’s likely your schedule will be filled with studying and perhaps some last minute essay writing.


While this is by no means a comprehensive list of campus terminology, knowing this lingo will help you put your best foot forward — and save you a few Google searches.


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Lillian Durr is the Politics, Social and Pop Culture section editor at The Standard for the 2021-22 school year. She is a sophomore in English-creative writing. She also previously wrote for The Standard as a columnist during the 2020-2021 school year.