With downtown Springfield just a short jaunt down the road, students can explore the various restaurants, coffee shops and shopping venues the city has to offer. Other than downtown, Missouri State University has unique places surrounding all sides of campus. From grocery stores, to cafes, to churches to LGBT resource centers, many places are within walking distance from campus. Students can easily get around town without the necessity of a car or other transportation service.

Bambinos Cafe

Located on Delmar Street, this cafe offers Italian food for reasonable prices. With open patio seating, students can enjoy a nice day outside with fresh pasta and a salad.

Aviary Cafe and Creperie

A very popular French cafe on the edge of downtown, students come to enjoy the restaurant's sweet and savory crepes and quaint atmosphere.

Insomnia Cookies

Craving late night dessert? These warm cookies day or night are always a crowd pleaser. Insomnia Cookies is located on Kimbrough Avenue, and also delivers until 3 a.m..

Bair’s All-American Sports Grill

Sitting right next to campus on Kimbrough Avenue with endless choices of burgers and sandwiches, this sports bar and grill has a wide menu. Bair’s gives students an opportunity to watch a game with friends and eat a burger too.

Travellers House Coffee and Tea

On National Avenue, this coffeehouse is across the street from Cheek Hall. It’s a place to study, grab some lunch and a coffee or tea. Anna Stimac, sophomore theatre education major, enjoys walking to the nearby coffee shop in between classes.

“I walk to Travellers House to escape the busyness of MSU and grab a warm cup of coffee while doing some homework,” Stimac said. “I can chill and relax while sipping on a

lavender latte.”

The Potter’s House

Also on National Avenue, this cozy, home-like atmosphere is a non-profit coffee shop and faith-based ministry. With a front porch and three stories of lounging space, students are invited to study and hang out anywhere around the home.

Homegrown Food

Located off Cherry Street, this store offers basic groceries. Students can take a quick walk to the market for fresh produce.

Price Cutter

On East Saint Louis Street, this supermarket has a variety of products offered students at lower prices.

The GLO Center

This LGBTQ community center is close to downtown on East Commercial Street. The center provides students with various programs, activities and advocacy events. The organization hosts support groups and events to bring people of the LGBTQ community together.

University Heights Baptist Church

A Baptist church located on the corner of Grand and National Avenue, students can participate in a ministry through bible study and youth group.

Christ Episcopal Church

On Walnut Street a short walk from campus, Christ Episcopal Church is one of the oldest Christian churches in the area, established in 1859, according to its website.

O’Reilly Catholic Student Center

On Holland Avenue, this center provides students of Catholic faith a place to attend mass, participate in parish events and meet other students.