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Three cookbooks sit stacked in Duane G. Meyer Library. Bob and Carol Noble donated over 3,600 cookbooks to the library in Oct. 2021.

The Duane G. Meyer Library has received upwards of 3,600 cookbooks donated by Bob and Carol Noble on Oct. 28, 2021. The donation of books is intended to help the humanities department by providing students with culinary materials to improve the overall productivity of the program.

The books are also available for any Missouri State students and faculty interested in cooking new dishes. 

The collection of cookbooks are of a wide variety and contain hundreds of unique recipes. The range of genres include different cultural and ethnic cuisines, vegetarian and pescatarian dishes and even a collection that are shaped like the main ingredient featured in the book.

Dean of Library Services, Thomas Peters, said it was fun to browse the large collection. Furthermore, Dr. Stephanie G. Hein, the head of hospitality leadership, made a remark about how large this gift is by stating how students could read the cookbooks for hours. 

The range of variety that the collection has is truly hard to come by, as Peters acknowledges not many schools get the privilege of having this big of a resource for students. 

This gift opens opportunities for students, both who are involved in the hospitality program and also students who simply have an interest in cooking. Hein believes it will be a great resource because readers no longer have to rely solely on the internet for information. Students will be enabled to expand productivity thanks to the new resources.

“Cookbooks contain a lot more information than just recipes,” Peters stated. 

These cookbooks can be used as an inspiration for students to develop their own menus in their culinary classes and provide an inspiration for them — a blueprint for what their menus and meal plans should consist of. The sole purpose will not be exclusively educational purposes, however. 

“They’ll be available for anybody to use,” Peters said. “We’re thinking they can be checked out if [the students] want to. This will allow students to more personally utilize this gift by bringing it back to their dorms, apartments, and other living spaces.”

Peters believes that students from Carrie’s Cafe, the student-run restaurant associated with the Department of Hospitality Leadership, may use some of the cookbooks for inspiration, but as of November 18, 2021 it’s uncertain whether the specific recipes in the books and the wide range of genres will make an appearance on the menu. 

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