MSU BOG Carrington

MSU's Carrington Hall, home of Financial Aid. Students are expected to receive up to $1600 from the university by the end of Oct.

The Missouri State Board of Governors met on Sept. 15 to approve a vote on the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund.

MSU’s Springfield campus was awarded $20,758,527 for student aid grants and West Plains was awarded $1,770,064. 

Steve Foucart, chief financial officer for MSU, said there are three tiers of how the money would be distributed. 

Foucart said Pell eligible students would receive an estimated $1,500 to $1,600. The second tier is domestic students, which would receive $1,000. Finally, international students are estimated to receive $750. 

Director of Financial Aid Rob Moore said the money is awarded for matters related to COVID-19. 

“That would include things like housing and meals, transportation, clothing, hygiene and other expenses that students may incur,” Moore said. “So pretty much anything that's included within the cost of attendance is fair game as a coronavirus disruptive expense for the students.”

Moore explained to receive the offer, students must visit the Financial Aid page under the Student tab on their My Missouri State account. 

There are two options a student has when accepting the money.

Students can put the money towards their account to pay for college. If they do not want to do that, then they can decline and the money is given through either direct deposit or check as a refund from the institution.

Even if they decline the offer, the students will still receive the compensation in one way or another.

President Clif Smart said the  “big goal” is getting the HEERF funds to students prior to the end of October.

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