COVID-19 Updates

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Due to the COVID-19 crisis, Missouri State University is looking into what fees they can reimburse students for since they won’t be able to complete the academic year physically on campus. 

Throughout the country, students are experiencing coronavirus-related fear. However, international students have a unique set of fears that others may not. No only are they worried about themselves in the U.S.’ COVID-19 hotspot, but there may also be worry for their families abroad.

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The coronavirus has taken control of people’s lives. It canceled March Madness. It postponed the Olympics. It canceled spring sports. It shut down businesses and cost people their jobs. It put timelines on hold. 

The day I turned 16 I got a job at the best restaurant in town. Granted, it was a local Mexican restaurant nestled inside a motel built for truckers and was on its way to being condemned. But for my quaint town in the middle of Missouri, there was no finer dining establishment. 

As the coronavirus situation continues to evolve, ripple effects have caused mass cancellations throughout the sports and entertainment world. This opens the door for alternative forms of media to enter into the viewing spectrum.

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A Missouri State University lacrosse player tested positive for the novel coronavirus on Saturday morning, head coach Donnie Curran confirmed to The Standard. It is the first confirmed case with ties to the university.

On Tuesday, March 18, Missouri State sent out a mass email announcing spring break will be extended through March 27 and all in-person classes beginning March 30 will be taught through “alternative means.”

By now, I believe everyone has either heard of or prepared for the COVID-19 outbreak. As we watch the numbers grow in our country, we must also be aware of how this virus has affected other countries. For those of you who don’t know, Italy’s number of confirmed cases has drastically increase…


Missouri State University officials are continuing to monitor the threat of coronavirus to the community in the coming months, especially with the Disease Control and Prevention’s recent warnings, and the partnership MSU has with its “China branch campus” in Dalian, China. 

What death frightens you the most? Drowning? Falling from a great height? Dying in a car crash? Succumbing to a disease that kills less than 3% of those infected and has infected 11 people in your country of 350,000,000?