COVID-19 Updates

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Ashley*, went to get her hair done at Great Clips on Tuesday, May 19. Unbeknownst to her, in a few days Ashley would receive a call from the Springfield-Greene County Health Department informing her she had been exposed to COVID-19. 

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The new residence hall on campus, Holland House, was set to open this fall. However, the construction work on the building has been delayed due to COVID-19.  

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It’s Memorial Day weekend, a truly memorable time, as businesses and facilities attempt to regain normalcy. Some students are scrambling to the reopened parks and malls. Others are acting as though the stay-at-home orders were never lifted, patiently waiting for the calm after the storm. 

Hair salons have been closed for weeks because of COVID-19, and the new normal is both busy and full of precautions to keep all guests safe.

While the path back to normalcy seems unclear, many Americans are vowing to self isolate even if they are given government permission to travel. For those choosing to remain out of the public, here are some books to consider diving into while at home.

As the end of the spring semester nears, most students only have one thing to check off their list before the start of summer break: finals.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, a countless number of people have lost their jobs. This increase in joblessness is even affecting college students.

Abigail McGrath crouches over a coffee table on her bedroom floor as she mixes different colors of polymer clay until she has a design exactly how she wants it. Carefully, she pieces together the clay on hypoallergenic stainless steel or studs.

It’s no secret that committed romantic relationships take a lot of time and effort. Relationships are changing and need diligent care to evolve and naturally grow. Often, outside forces can play a large part in the evolution of a relationship.

Every day at the Humane Society of Southwest Missouri presents new challenges as the shelter operates at a limited capacity with limited staff. The humane society falls into a middle-ground area of the essential/nonessential continuum, where some of their services are essential but others are not.

Steven Gindler, a New Jersey-based portrait photographer, has worked with 10 models from five countries in the last few weeks. The pandemic has locked a lot of creatives indoors, but Gindler is making do.

The 2020 Ursa Experience was set to occur August 10-12, until sanitation concerns led to its cancellation. The event is catered towards new students to facilitate their transition to college life. Participants will receive full refunds, according to the Missouri State website.

With the direction COVID-19 has taken, experts have compared the virus to the 1918 Spanish influenza epidemic. Each outbreak affected Missouri State University’s campus in their own ways. 

All I can remember wanting while I was growing up was for my walls to be painted. I would daydream about redecorating my room and adding a touch of my personality, studying Pottery Barn catalogs and the JCPenney website to help myself develop a sense of design. I was obsessed. I would even w…

As of March 30, 2020, Missouri State University transitioned its classes online for the remainder of the semester in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. MSU plans on also transitioning summer classes to an online-only format. 

Tyler Drenon, a technology strategist at the Duane G. Meyer Library Innovation Lab, recently collaborated with a team to create personal protective equipment for the Springfield Fire Department.

Many have turned to exploring music to get them through the isolation of the coronavirus pandemic. Here’s what the music experts of Springfield recommend listening to.

My shoes stick to the floor every step I take. It’s dark and I can barely see the ground, except for when random strobes of light flash to reveal my previously white shoe, now stained with splashes of vodka cranberry and warm Bud Light.

Across the nation gatherings are being canceled. Some of these gatherings are simply events, while others are jobs. One aspect of a job that many Missouri State University students must do before graduation is an internship. However, due to COVID-19 many of these are being canceled. 

Since returning home, Missouri State students' sleep schedules have drastically been changing due to not having a solid work schedule or in-person classes anymore. Some students have been staying up into the early morning and then sleeping into the afternoon. 

We know the drill by now. Speaking to teachers with the distortion of poor connection. Hiding behind the barrier of a digital screen to catch up with friends and relatives. Passing strangers in the empty streets with our faces concealed by medical masks, muffling our voices further. Social d…

As of March 30, Missouri State University students are participating in online classes. But while students are focusing on their assignments, how are teachers being affected by the transition?

Tuesday afternoon, the "Reopen Springfield Missouri" protest was held at Park Central Square in downtown Springfield. The protest began at 11:45 a.m. with music, followed by a rally from 12-1 p.m. The protest was held to bring awareness to a group of citizens not supporting the extension of …

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It all started with an itchy throat and lack of energy. Mehwish Khokhar, a graduate student in the chemistry department, went to her doctor who thought that it was just the common cold or allergies. Then the high fever and body aches started. 

Time management for online classes can be a challenge for students new to virtual courses. Without an in-person professor giving lessons and instructions, it can be confusing for students adjusting to online classes.

At this point in the year, most athletes for fall and winter sports are training for their next season. The coronavirus outbreak changed those plans when Missouri State — like the majority of the sports world — put everything on hold for the rest of the school year.

Covering fast-paced, complicated issues like infectious diseases is not only exhausting emotionally, mentally and physically, it’s dangerous and complex. Journalists are not doctors. Journalists are regular people who committed their lives to the craft of observance and storytelling. Sometim…

College students are moving back with parents; working and taking classes online can be confusing and chaotic; being cooped up in the house with the same people can get boring; deadlines are approaching fact; and motivation is hard to find. 

Missouri State University President Clif Smart outlined the effects the ongoing COVID-19 situation has on the university’s revenue in his April 14 “Clif’s Notes” published on MSU’s website.

As the supply of medical masks dwindles, some local business owners are stepping up to help the communities they serve and meet the changing demands of their consumer base.

Many spring 2020 study away trips were cut short due to the global coronavirus pandemic. Some bears abroad had little choice but to return home while others have explored their options and maintained to finish out their semester-long trips.

If there’s one thing people have a lot of right now, it’s time. While you’re cooped up for the beginning of spring, you might as well use some of that time to do some spring cleaning. At the top of the list (let’s be honest) of things to be done, is likely a closet clean out.