It’s that time of year again where people deliberately seek out fear. Most of us enjoy being chased through a haunted corn maze by a masked person with a chainsaw or watching terrifying films with scenes that burn into our retinas for days to come. If you’re like me and you want those thrills and chills in everyday life but don’t have the time to sit through an entire movie or the funds to go to some elaborate haunted attraction, try tuning into some scary stories instead, whether it be through YouTube videos or podcasts. 

YouTube Channels

Corpse Husband”:

My friend introduced me to this scary story narration channel, raving about this guy’s unnaturally deep voice and completely anonymous persona as he tells true tales of horror. He started the channel in 2015 and obtains most of his content from Reddit Boards, according to entertainment site Looper. He also narrates animated scary content. 


 “Creepypastas” are widespread internet horror stories. According to, the name comes from the word “copypasta,” a passage of text repeatedly copied and pasted by various individuals throughout different online forums. This specific YouTube channel is an accumulation of a lot of those stories in one place. You can also find Creepypasta readings on Spotify or Apple Podcasts. 

“Murder Mystery and Makeup” by Bailey Sarian:

If you want the unique duality of makeup content combined with spine-chilling stories, tune into this channel. Bailey tells stories almost every Monday on famous serial killers, massacres and modern-day murderers — all while doing her makeup. 

Are You Scared?”:

Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej are best known for their comedic paranormal and true crime investigations on “Buzzfeed Unsolved,” but the duo also have an independent YouTube channel that they founded with former Buzzfeed ‘Worth it’ star Stephen Lim, called “Watcher.” The channel is loaded with content that covers a wide array of horror topics. This includes a new miniseries called “Are You Scared?” where they tell the Internet's creepiest stories and determine if they are real or imagined — combining humor with horror. 


John Allen, also known as “MrBallen,” is a former Navy Seal who tells true scary stories with accompanying found footage. The introduction to all of his videos says it all. “If you’re a fan of the strange, dark or mysterious delivered in story format, then you’ve come to the right channel because that’s all we do, and we upload three, four, even five times every week.” 

“Something Scary”:

Check out “Something Scary” on the channel “Snarled,” where host Sapphire Sandalo and occasional co-host Markeia McCarty narrate true and make-believe stories centered around the paranormal and supernatural world, coupled with terrifying animation. Check out her second channel “Stories with Sapphire,” which is independent from the “Snarled” channel but has  a similar format. Both channels double as podcasts on Spotify, Soundcloud and Apple Podcasts. 


The NoSleep Podcast”:

Narrated by David Cummings, “The NoSleep Podcast” began in 2011 and has 16 seasons, with the 17th season releasing in November. If you are unsure of where to start, the website includes a beginner playlist, which displays a few episodes from each season. Forewarning: This podcast has some profanity. 

Weekly Spooky”:

With new content uploaded every week and bonus content uploaded in October, “Weekly Spooky” is  the ultimate “Halloweek” treat and the ideal way to keep the spirit of Halloween alive all year long. Some of the stories are based on Creepypastas as well. Similar to "The NoSleep Podcast," this podcast also contains explicit language

“Mile Higher Podcast”:

All true crime fans should check out this show hosted by husband and wife duo Josh Thomas and Kendall Rae. They discuss everything from murder mysteries and conspiracies to ancient civilizations and metaphysics. They release new episodes every Monday. They also have a YouTube channel where Kendall occasionally interviews victims’ loved ones after discussing a missing person or murder case.

Demon Creep Podcast”:

If you’re a fan of “NoSleep,” “CreepsMcPasta” and more, you’ll love these wacky works of fiction. You’ve got topics ranging from talking rainbows to babies with teeth in place of their stomachs. The narrator is the same in every episode, and they range from 30 minutes to an hour. You can check out this podcast on Spotify or Apple podcasts.

“Full Body Chills”:

“Full Body Chills” is an underrated gem and one of the first scary podcasts I’d ever listened to. The stories dig deep into fears I didn’t realize I had, with subjects ranging from evil mannequins to letters from a world beyond. According to Resonate Recordings, the podcast was created specifically for the Halloween season by the makers of  “Crime Junkie,” a weekly true crime podcast. The music and sound effects are all-encompassing and help bring the stories to life. As an added bonus, each episode has a completely different narrator.


When it comes to scary stories, many of us seem to dwell in other people's deepest fears to forget about our own. We find ourselves going right back into our safety nets when the story concludes or when the movie reaches the end credits. That’s the fun of it all — a quick tour of a world we couldn’t possibly imagine being real and then cozying back into a mundane reality. Or maybe there's a level of childhood innocence to scary storytelling. A fun dose of nostalgia for the days of sitting around the bonfire as a child, seeing who could scare their friends the most while roasting marshmallows on a stick with flashlights aimed just right at your face, so that it seemingly swallows you in shadow. Regardless of the reasoning, if spooky stories are fascinating to you, explore one or all of these podcasts and scary videos this Halloween.


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