It’s a fact that college students are all on a budget due to countless obligations. If you’re planning on dressing up this Halloween, here are some cheap and easy costume ideas that won’t break the bank.

Emma Stone’s Cruella de Vil

Disney’s prequel “Cruella” (2021) added so much to the “101 Dalmatians” character – Cruella de Vil. This iconic version of Cruella, played by Emma Stone, is punk-rock and eccentric in all the right ways. This costume could be distinct with just the classic half black and half white wig — but if you want to pay tribute to Emma Stone’s version, a black corset top, “freedom” facepaint/mask, red lips and a Dalmatian spotted coat will add the distinguishable touch. If you want to save some money there are more affordable options for this costume. It would be beneficial to check out thrift stores and items you already have, and there’s also plenty of options at

Contestants and Guards from “Squid Game

The record-breaking Korean series “Squid Game” would be a very easy yet exciting costume choice for this year. Even if some people haven’t watched the show yet, the popular series has become a meme on social media — making the iconic sweat suits and pink jumpsuits easily recognizable. To dress up as a player from “Squid Game,” all you need is a green sweatsuit with numbers located on the front and back of the hoodie. If you want to add some original flare, you could always purchase a more stylish sweat suit. Some main characters’ numbers from the series include Seong Gi-hun’s 456, Cho Sang-woo’s 218, Oh Il-nam’s 001 and Kang Sae-byeok as Player 067. This is a great idea for an easy group costume.

If you have a large group, you will add even more to the iconic costume by including some guards. Replicating the guard costume can be achieved easily by wearing a hot pink hoodie with sweatpants of the same color. The guards also wear black shoes, black rubber gloves and full-face masks that have either a triangle, square or circle on them. There is also a cheaper option to the full-face mask that is COVID friendly. Alternatively, Amazon has the complete costume available for purchase.

Kim Kardashian at the 2021 Met Gala

You’ve most likely seen Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala look on social media this year. She broke the internet with her unconventional ​​Balenciaga outfit that was just black fabric from head to toe — completely covering her face. This is an extremely easy Halloween costume that’s especially good for a cold October night. It’s also a very recognizable costume and is current to this year’s pop culture news. To achieve this look you just have to find black fabric to cover your entire body, or a bodycon dress is a cute alternative. You should also have a black long-sleeved undershirt and leggings. Kardashian’s look included a long black train and face covering, and her hair was up in a ridiculously long ponytail.

Jeff Bezos’ space outfit

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, also broke the internet this year with his trip to space. Bezos made a short journey to space in his new rocket ship on July 20. He wore a blue space suit and an iconic cowboy hat that was quite comical while rocking some shades. If you’re looking for a funny Halloween costume this year, Bezos’ space cowboy will definitely get several laughs. The costume pieces are all available, of course, at

Forrest Gump

If you want a simple costume at most likely no expense, the lovable character Forrest Gump is a perfect option. The outfit consists of a plaid button-up shirt tucked into khakis with a belt, a trucker hat and tennis shoes — he wore Nike Cortez’s — most likely clothes you already have. If you want to add a special touch, you can hold a box of chocolates. The character is a classic loveable icon and you barely have to put in any effort.

Billie Eilish

The iconic pop star has an extremely recognizable fashion sense. No matter what phase of hers you choose to remake, almost everyone will know who you’re supposed to be. In my opinion, the look that represents her the most is her neon green to black hairstyle and extremely baggy clothes. Some big chain necklaces will add some spice too. As long as you have a wig and clothes three times larger than your size, you will get the message across.

Missouri State student’s take on Halloween

MSU students are greatly anticipating the fabulous holiday, and some have already chosen their spooky ensemble. Students at Missouri State are donning many unique costumes this year. Evan Reid, junior advertising and promotions major, decided she will be going as the fashion icon Elle Woods from “Legally Blonde,” while junior Cameron Housley, communication studies major, is going as artist Andy Warhol. Like these students, you too can improvise costumes with items you already own.

Partner costumes are also always a hit. Lauren Horton, junior communication studies major, is rocking a group costume with her six roommates, all going as separate Care Bears. Junior public relations major Hannah Hailey and her boyfriend are going as Mario and Luigi from the Nintendo franchise. 

Halloween is one of the most special times of the year when we can transport back in time to childhood and play dress-up for a night, but a costume doesn’t have to be a huge expense. Instead of buying an already assembled costume from a Halloween store, it’s much more efficient to purchase separate items you can make use of all year long –– or better yet, use items you already own.


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