Bear Village

Bear Village is one apartment complex within a mile of campus. 

Driving down Grand Street to Missouri State University can be a bit overwhelming, especially when a student is searching for a place to live — there is an overload of apartments.

When students look at apartments, one of the most effective ways to compare is based on their price, amenities, space and distance from campus. But, it is deeper than that. Sophomore agriculture education major Marcella Cadle said, “An apartment needs to be in a good area (for safety) and have good reviews.”

Aspen Heights, which is located less than a mile from campus, has many amenities. According to their website, they have a volleyball court, dog park, pool and are fully furnished. There is no single room option; to live in a two-bedroom apartment (856 sq. ft.) it is $719 a person.

“We pride ourselves on customer service, safety and making sure our residents feel like they are in a community,” Whitney Cox, general manager of Aspen, said. The property is gated for the safety of residents.

Just down the road, Beacon is located a block from campus. According to the Beacon website, it is another fully furnished apartment which prides itself on being modern. There is an outdoor fire pit for students to let out their flame-master skills. It is important to note there are no dogs or cats allowed at Beacon. Beacon’s one-bedroom apartment (525 sq. ft.) can range from $830-875 dollars. If you have a three-bedroom apartment it is $615 a person.

Like Aspen, many of the residents feel safe at Beacon.

“It’s a very secure place to live,” said Abby Grzeskowiak, senior speech language pathology major and Beacon resident. “I’ve never felt unsafe.”

Part of the safety could be from the ability to park in the apartment parking lot.

“We offer free parking, and it is a one-to-one ratio meaning that for every resident there is a parking space,” said Les Butterfield, community director of Beacon.

Bear Village, which is located .2 miles from campus, is another hot spot for MSU students. There are many amenities located at this location including a movie theater, fitness center and pool. They have everything from studios to four-bedroom apartments, according to their website. The price is not listed on the website. According to Melinda, a resident of Bear Village, “they do not have enough parking spaces.”

In response, Ericka Peppers general manager of Bear Village said, “For the parking situation we have bought additional land behind our building and will be adding upwards of 100 spots.“ 

Off-campus living is not the only option near MSU. Students can also live on campus at one of the apartment buildings through the University. The two options are Monroe and Sunvilla. According to the MSU website, with both options, you can purchase a meal plan. Additionally, each of these come with free Wi-Fi, free laundry and a 24-hour computer lab.

These buildings may be similar, however, there are some differences. Monroe is $3,444 for a one-bedroom space per semester. Rental insurance is required when staying at Monroe. MSU student, Dominque said, “I don’t feel at risk because you have to get through 3 sets of locked doors to get into my room.” 

Sunvilla is the other on-campus apartment. This building does not offer individual rooms. For a 2-person room, it is $2,945 per person per semester. There is a recreation room, a community room and a smart TV in each room. One of the main advantages student Peyton Wombacher enjoys is that you are not required to pay for on-campus apartments during the summertime. She can go back home without worrying about rent.