Imagine living with 30 other people in one house. For some, this situation is ideal; for others, it may sound like a personal hell. 

Members who decide to live in their fraternity or sorority house experience memories that can stay with them long after graduation. Listed below is a compilation of some of the funny and memorable stories shared by MSU sorority and fraternity members.

Marshall McCarl, Pi Kappa Phi’s president

“I think our fraternity’s funniest in-house moments happen after the 21+ crowd returns from the bars.

“Last year, one of our members returned from the bars around 1 a.m. looking for people to keep him company. The problem was that it was a Wednesday night, or Thursday morning, and most people were already asleep in their rooms. One unsuspecting member of our chapter had left his trumpet lying in the open in his room, and our downtown adventurer saw his moment of opportunity.

“He used his lack of experience to wake up the other members of our house walking up and down the hallways blaring what could possibly be the most horrific sound a trumpet could make. When he finished his rounds, he laughed, returned the trumpet to our brother’s room and proceeded to go straight to bed. 

“This year, one of our in-house members returned from the bars determined to go straight to sleep.

“In fact, he made as far as the pool table before climbing on top and cuddling a lonely pool cue before nodding off. 

“We once thought that the idea of covering a brother in barbecue sauce and having a group of cavemen and a man in a dinosaur costume chasing after him would be hilarious for a recruitment video.

“It got as far as the videotaping, but sadly the footage was never used for a promotional video.”

Emily Groce, a junior in Delta Zeta

“Last year before mystery sports, a homecoming event, my roommates and I decided it was a good idea to move everyone’s mattresses out of their rooms into all the common areas of the house.

“There were beds in the hallways, TV room, laundry room and on the stairs. It only took about 30 minutes to do all of this.

“Let’s just say, some weren’t happy when they came home.”

Abby Falgout, Alpha Sigma Alpha president

“Over the three-day weekend, we had a Mario Kart tournament between some of the girls that live in the house. It was a fun way for the girls to reconnect after a long winter break.”

These stories are only a couple of the unforgettable instances that come with the live-in experience.

Greek life emphasizes the importance of brotherhood and sisterhood in each chapter.  When a member lives with their brothers or sisters, they may have a better chance to more thoroughly bond with them and create lasting memories.

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