417 Day, a free family event, is underway at Fassnight Park in Springfield, to celebrate the local community with activities, food and music.

Hosted by the local nonprofit Real Love Equals Real Change, which works to improve communities in the Ozarks, the outdoor event is meant to be a way for the communities of Springfield to come together. Founder and CEO of RLRC Larry Flenoid said the event is a way for local businesses to give back to the community through participating, providing activities and helping set up the festivities.

“Today I’m hoping we get a good turnout, and everybody is able to come out and enjoy themselves,” Flenoid said. “That’s the whole thing about it: being able to come out and celebrate being under the 417 area code, getting to mingle with your neighbors and getting resources like contacts around town that you might not otherwise be able to get.”

Participating for the first time in the festivities is 417 Inflatables, a rental company for event supplies that opened for business during the COVID-19 pandemic, only six months ago. According to Flenoid, 417 Inflatables is providing a majority of the concessions and activities for the event, making this year the first to not be solely put on by RLRC.

Co-owner of 417 Inflatables Amanda Blackwell said this would not be the last time her company would be involved with 417 Day, stating that they planned to come back for next year’s event as well.

“We’ve only been open for about six months, but engaging with the area and staying involved is incredibly important to us,” Blackwell said.

From bouncy castles to caramel apples, residents of Springfield are sure to find something to enjoy for all ages.

417 Day is open today only from noon to 10 p.m. at Fassnight Park, 1301 S. Campbell Ave., near Parkview High School.


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