The Fall 2020 BFA in Art Senior Exhibition is now open at Brick City Gallery, featuring the work of graduating BFA students. 

The exhibition displays work from 12 BFA seniors. Brick City Gallery exhibition director Jodi McCoy called the event a celebration of the graduating students.

“The exhibition is always a fantastic compilation of works across the department’s fine arts concentrations,” McCoy said. “The exhibition as a whole is always such a delight to experience.”

McCoy sayid gallery staff are taking precautions this year to prevent the spread of COVID-19. On top of masks being required to enter the showing, the gallery is operating at 30% capacity, allowing only 15 attendees at one time.

Attendees can view art in a wide range of media, from tangible art such as ceramics, to abstract paintings and animated renderings. 

Some of the installations featured in the gallery include mixed media canvases by senior art/drawing major Junru Zhang that reflect on the climate crisis. Zhang’s canvases use objects found in local garbage bins to create a unique depiction of climate issues.

“My work is a brave attempt and a rare experience for me because the art created by garbage is something I never thought of before,” Zhang said. “It is also the event of this pandemic that makes me discover the waste around me, which urges me to do such a theme. Therefore, it means a new experience for me and an exploration and development on my art road.”

Another installation, by senior art/painting major Kristina Cain, sought to explore the relationship one has with their body through nude self-portraiture. 

“The act of creating nude self-portraits is my rebellion against how I was taught to view myself,” Cain said. “Through my paintings I am finding myself and accepting who I am.”

Both Zhang and Cain described being featured in the exhibition as a grand milestone in their education and careers as artists.

“Being in the senior exhibition is the final piece in the completion of a 27-and-a-half-year goal,” Cain said. “After many years of not prioritizing my education, I am finally completing my BFA. It is the one thing in my life that is just for me.”

“This is the first exhibition in my life, so I am looking forward to it,” Zhang said. “At that moment, I felt that all the hard work was worth it, when I saw it in the exhibition.”

Other installations, such as Shayna MacDonald’s ceramics are participatory, allowing attendees to purchase fired mugs.

McCoy said the wide variety of art featured in the gallery are held together by the hard work and passion of each artist.

“Even though the content of each student’s installation varies, the talent, determination of spirit, and commitment to craft bind the exhibition together beautifully,” McCoy said.

The exhibition is open for viewing until Dec. 6, from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. at Brick City Gallery.


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