Springfield Brewing Company

Springfield Brewing Company, located in downtown Springfield, is one of many local businesses looking to support employees during the coronavirus outbreak.  SBC started a t-shirt campaign to raise money for employees.

Many jobs have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses are starting to find new ways to help their employees out during this time.

Because it takes a few months for unemployment to be processed and for those who filed to receive their benefit checks, businesses like The Outland Complex, Fremont Senior Living, Silver Dollar City and Springfield Brewing Company have come up with alternate ways to give back to their employees. 

Kate Whitaker, sophomore, who works at Springfield Brewing Company said the company let their employees take home perishable food, and then began a t-shirt campaign to raise money for the employees. 

“They immediately offered the perishable goods and let us know early on that they were planning a fundraiser for us,” Whitaker said. “When the virus started becoming big news, I was so scared of being alone, but this pandemic brought us all together.”

For the t-shirt fundraiser, Whitaker said the employees were asked to submit photos of themselves and of their families which were put onto the companies Facebook page. 

Whitaker said because her job was letting them take home food, she was able to save her money for rent and even learned how to cook. 

“We have a lot of employees, so they extended the fundraiser a few times to make sure we all got a decent amount,” Whitaker said. “The shirt money is nothing compared to the other support we received, but it made me feel important.” 

Amanda Fogelquist is another individual who has received benefits from her employers at Silver Dollar City.

Fogelquist said one of her employers has an assistant program and has been helping out all of the workers with things that they might need assistance with while being out of work. 

“They paid my car payment this month because they knew it is a tough time for me,” Fogelquist said. “They gave us all $200 hardship checks.” 

Since Silver Dollar City is closed at the moment, Fogelquist was also working part-time at the Springfield-Branson National Airport but was laid off on May 1 for three months. 

Though working isn’t available to everyone at the moment, businesses are trying to do best by their employees.

“It feels good knowing that a company wants to look out for their employees like that and take care of them,” Fogelquist said. “Silver Dollar City is just an amazing company to work for.”

Employees are also feeling grateful to their jobs for helping them out in any way they can. 

“I am so thankful for Springfield Brewing Company for being a rock for me during these hard times,” Whitaker said. “No other job has treated me with this much respect and kindness, and no other business gives this much back to the community.”