Foster Recreation Center

The Bill R. Foster and Family Recreation Center has several running treadmills and ellipticals. They are located on the upper level.

The Foster Recreation Center has a lot to offer any student, whether it be a warm relaxing dip in the spa or a productive fitness session with a personal trainer.

 Students enrolled at Missouri State University have unlimited access to the rec center throughout the semester. Students can enter through the front doors and swipe their BearPass to get past the turnstile gates.

 After passing through the gates, cardio equipment is located on the top floor of the rec center and weights are on the same level as the entrance. The aquatic center, rock climbing area and sauna are on the bottom floor.

 With so much to offer, students like physical education major Jade Clubb love the variety of equipment.

 Clubb said he found exercising at the Foster Recreation Center convenient while living in Freudenberger House her freshman year.

 She still goes to the rec center three to four times per week even though she lives off campus now.

 “I travel to campus for it,” Clubb said. “It is so worth it. I love the free weights, the stair master and the sauna.”

 The rec center offers programs to help students get in shape throughout the semester.

 Assistant Director of Fitness and Wellness at the Foster Recreation Center Teresa Brandenburg said she hopes to bring back paddleboard fitness yoga classes.

 The rec center also offers boot camp courses each semester. Last semester, Brandenburg said boot camp was not successful because not enough students signed up.

 “Boot camp is a six-week program, so there’s 10-12 classes depending on how it falls,” Brandenburg said. “We’re going to complete that prior to spring break because everyone wants to get in shape for spring break.”

 Boot camp’s registration costs $25 with a pre and post assessment at the beginning and end of the course.

The spring boot camp will be held from 6:30-7:30 a.m. Monday, Wednesday and Fridays beginning Feb. 3. 

 This spring, fitness and wellness will be working on a couch to 5K program. By the end of their training, participants will sign up for a 5K.  

 Many of these classes cost a “modest” fee and require some amount of registration, says Associate Director of Campus Recreation Galen Martin.

  Multi-activity courts for soccer, dodgeball, basketball and volleyball are open to students as well.

The rec center hosts BearFit classes Monday through Thursday throughout the semester. Some of the spring classes include yoga, cycling and beginner weight training.

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