Kathy Davis is wrapping up her time at Missouri State with 26 years of memorable experience under her belt.

Davis is leaving her post as director of the Academic Advisement Center.

“I’m going to want to know about you” seems like it could have been Davis’ motto while working as an adviser at Missouri State.

This is nothing new for anyone who has got to interact with Davis.

Taylor Bell, sophomore modern language major, described Davis as hard working and courageous.

“She always goes out of her way to help her advisees and peers,” Bell said.

Retiring from MSU will not be the end of Davis’ focus on public affairs..

Davis has been trained to tutor for the Ozarks Literacy Council, where she looks forward to being paired with a student to improve their reading capabilities.

“I’m excited to be paired with my first student early in September,” Davis said. “Because I love reading so much, it will be meaningful to me to help others — whether children or adults — improve their reading ability.”

Davis will continue pursuing her passion of helping others and learning their stories by volunteering at a care center where she said she plans to talk with residents and perhaps write their autobiographies that they can share with their families.

“I believe that all people are fascinating if you really know their stories,” Davis said. “That is one reason I have loved listening to college students throughout my career and learning their stories.”

Davis said she became interested in a career in academic advising when she was a SOAR leader as a college student at MSU.

Davis said she knew when she met the director of the Academic Advisement Center what she wanted to do.

“I met the director of the Academic Advisement Center and told her that when she retired, I would love to be prepared to apply for her job,” Davis said.

Davis gained experience working in new student orientation, academic advising, and residence life at two other colleges.

By the time the director of advisement Davis had retired, Davis was ready to apply.

“I am grateful to have had a wonderful career at my alma mater and for all of the amazing experiences I have had while working here,” Davis said. “I never get tired of meeting students and trying to help them find their best academic paths.”

While Davis said she will miss helping students at MSU, she looks forward to what her next chapter holds for her.

Aside from volunteering, Davis is looking forward to spending more time with friends and family, traveling, going to art museums, and attending movies and plays. 

“I look forward to some unstructured time to read and delve into various interests,” Davis said.