If you were to go around Springfield and peek into the dark windows of music venues in 2016, you would see the name “Gigantic” on many flyers. At the time, Gigantic was one of Springfield’s most eclectic and unique bands, proudly claiming the fake title of “417 Magazine’s worst band of 2016.” Earlier this year the band left Springfield for Los Angeles, where they’ve continued to work on their music.

The lineup consists of frontman Brice “Broice” Richardson on guitar and vocals, Elijah “Ellie” Ebert on bass and additional vocals and Joshua “Jash” Clement on drums. Gigantic described their sound as “loud, fast, kinda proggy punk but not like ‘punk punk’ because punk usually has like a message and we don’t.” Bands that may sound similar are The Melvins, Municipal Waste, Fear and local band Suzi Trash.

The band’s Facebook page tells a grandiose tale of a band of misfits from the future travelling back in time to save the future of a niche fighting game “Tekken,” and to warn their past selves of the dangers of drugs. They claim they have plagiarized the “biggest and richest band in the year 2023, Gigantic,” claiming all of their songs as their own.

According to their bio, “if history plays out like it did before we came to past, we'll be famous musician millionaires in a few years time.”

Gigantic chose to stray away from the idea of finding an audience. They said they would rather their audience find them instead of changing themselves or their music to fit some type.

“This is going to sound narcissistic because it is, but WE really like our music,” Ebert said. “That being said, we put on a theatrical show so people who wouldn't normally listen to music like ours would still have a good time.”

The shift from Springfield to LA has undoubtedly been a change for the band.

According to Richardson, “We have to make friends with an entirely new community which, you know, takes years.”

Despite their challenges, Gigantic was able to play at venues along Sunset Blvd. including The Viper Room and The Silverlake Lounge. They’ve also played at other famous LA venues like The California Institute of Abnormal Arts.

“We're basically starting from scratch out here,” Richardson said, “but we're definitely moving forward.”

Dillon “Dilgon” Kaasa was their second guitarist but did not make the move to LA. They have not since replaced him and have had to adjust their setlist and songs to accommodate only one guitar.

“We've had to write new songs because our entire catalog was written for four playersm,” Clement said.

This has been the key driving force behind their latest endeavor.

Currently the band is putting the finishing touches on a new six-song EP together. It is being engineered and mastered by Adam Schoeller with NRG studios. It is set to release sometime this year, and it should arrive with a new music video as well.

In addition, before the EP is released, Gigantic will be back in the studio to record a second EP which is set to release next year.

Though they are no longer based in Springfield, the band has not forgotten their Springfield roots.

“Springfield will always be our home, and we can't wait to come back,” Richardson said.

They are not actually considered 417 Magazine’s Worst Band of 2016 but are actually included in the magazine’s 2016 12x12 vinyl release featuring local artists. Stores like Stick it in Your Ear sold copies of their 2017 release “Danky Muniz” all the way up until this year. They haven’t been able to plan an exact time or date as of yet, but do intend to come back to Springfield to do a few more shows.