Prior to social distancing recommendations, fully stocked dining halls were readily available to students with meal plans. Despite the wide array of choices, two roommates opted for a new kind of meal plan. 

Hello Fresh is a meal-kit company that originated in Berlin, Germany. It has built a reputation as the largest provider of meal-kit deliveries in the United States, according to its website. With over 2,000 recipes listed and a starting price of $7.49 per box, there is an abundance of choices for the meat lover, vegetarian, vegan and someone looking to watch their calories.

Before the plan, Lily Kumar, sophomore clinical laboratory science major, struggled with grocery shopping.

“I am terrible at going to the grocery store and getting everything I need for multiple dinners in one trip,” Kumar said. “(The meal boxes) come with all the ingredients which is a huge plus.”

Her roommate Sierro Uko, sophomore business major, was thankful for the easily accessible discounts that led them to give the service a try. 

“There was a Hulu code for 10 free meals, as a trial,” Uko said. “These kinds of meal plans are typically very expensive otherwise.”

According to Uko, after the trial ended, they each received three meals for $20.

“I’m not sure what the price normally is but for what I paid for it was totally worth it,” Kumar said. “Every meal tasted great and the recipes were easy to follow.”

Kumar said she enjoyed the surplus of healthy and balanced options. 

“I think (the food) is easily comparable to home-cooked meals and far better than dining hall meals,” Kumar said.

Uko found that because dining hall food was cooked in such large quantities, the quality didn’t fare nearly as well. 

“I would definitely recommend this service to any student,” Kumar said. “It has made my life a little easier because I know exactly what I am making for dinner, how long it will take and I already have all the ingredients in front of me.”

On the other hand, Uko advises students to stick with the free recipes. 

“It may require the work of going to the grocery store but a healthy meal for cheap is the best payoff,” Uko said.

Discounts can be found using the Honey Extension, according to Kumar.

Their personal favorite dishes? The chipotle chicken with rice and the ravioli with spinach and chicken sausage.