Featuring American rapper Desiigner, SAC livestreamed a concert made available for individual viewing, as well as displaying the stream in the Plaster Student Union Theater where drinks were served. While different from the normal winter show put on by SAC, COVID-19 has made changes to the way live music is enjoyed everywhere.

“With us being in a pandemic, it’s been very hard on everyone, not being able to do the things they love, like going to live shows,” SAC Live Entertainment co-chair Emily Eigenmann said. “So, we’re glad we were able to bring some sort of that back to Missouri State students.”

Around 7 p.m. students started showing up in the theater, eagerly checking the doors for a sign that they could file in. Every student had a face mask, as was required for admission.

“We’ve been making sure that everyone is social distancing and taking proper precautions so we can have a safe show,” Braden Beck , member of the SAC Live Entertainment Committee, said while setting up the theater. “With us not having anything live, we have to take what we can get, so I appreciate artists like Desiigner who are changing up their norms for everyone’s safety.”

Students who did not feel comfortable attending the in-person event could log on to Zoom with a provided link to enjoy the livestream.

“People (on Zoom) really seemed to enjoy it there,” Live Entertainment co-chair Rachel Reed said. “The chat was very engaged in the show, with people sharing their thoughts on their favorite songs and talking about how excited they were. It made me so happy to see that.”

Last spring, T-Pain was scheduled to perform before the COVID-19 lockdown canceled the event. Since that time, artists at every level and station have had to adapt their performances to work with the safety of everyone in mind. 

Public promotion of the Desiigner show came only days prior to the event itself. However, according to Beck, they had been promoting it internally with other student run organizations such as fraternities SAC members were a part of.

“Usually, we don’t announce the date of the winter shows until the week of, so our promotion was really only a day or two behind, and that was due to issues in the contract,” said.

Reed went on to explain that she believes, due to the pandemic, communications from both the  SAC and Desiigner, had been a little slower than normal.

Still, according to Reed and Eigenmann, the event was a success.

“We had people that were just jamming out, jumping around, while still maintaining COVID-19 safety guidelines given to us by Missouri State — while still being able to have such a great time and jam out to the music they love,” Eigenmann said. “We hope to continue to do our best to bring some sense of normalcy back to Missouri State through live entertainment.”


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