In business since Feb. 20 is new breakfast restaurant Rise, offering an all-day breakfast and lunch menu.

While Rise, located at 105 Park Central Square, has been ready for visitors for a few weeks, owners and sisters Christina Sava and Uliana Komodi have previous experience in the food industry with European Cafe, a restaurant they opened in 2013 on Park Central Square in downtown Springfield.

In contrast to European Cafe, this counter-service style restaurant showcases a spread of chef-inspired foods from classic bacon and eggs to unique takes on dishes like Croque Madame — essentially a Croque Monsieur with an egg — and even completely original menu items.

According to Rise’s website, Sava and Komodi describe themselves as “food obsessed” people, which Sava said drives their demand for something that hasn’t already been done.

“Not a lot of customers want to go and have the same dish just executed by different restaurants,” Sava said.

Alongside the extensive menu, there is something to be said about the general atmosphere of the restaurant.

“It's just a little bit of a different vibe and environment. (It) just kind of feels like a cross between a restaurant and a coffee shop, making it a little bit more relaxed and a little bit more accessible for everyone,” Sava said.

However, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, business and restaurant owners have to take certain precautions in order to ensure they meet current guidelines.

“It's definitely been a little bit more challenging than it would be through regular times,” Sava said about starting a business during the pandemic.

Despite the current uncertainties for some businesses, Rise’s owners are ensuring they use local resources to offset the effects of the pandemic.

“We have really good connections with a lot of local businesses and farms, but with COVID-19 we knew even more that we want to showcase even smaller farms rather than farms that already do very well,”Sava said.

The use of local farms including Circle B Ranch, LLC located in Seymore, Mo., McDowell Land & Cattle, LLC based in South Greenfield, Mo. and others adds to the uniqueness of Rise as a small business.

“It's a little bit sad that no one can compete with these chains on a marketing level,” Sava said.

Using their resources, the restaurant was able to create an online identity that draws customers away from the larger-scale breakfast chains.

“What we're trying to do is just evoke a certain emotion through our Instagram and our social media in general — kind of give people a chance to get an insight and what it is before they even come here,” Sava said.

Hoping to provide a distinctive experience for community members, Sava said at Rise they are trying to bring a more refined and special culture to Springfield.

“Our place is all about color and open space and sunshine, so whenever (customers) come in here, they see that on Instagram, we want them to see the same thing here as well,” Sava said.

According to Rise’s website, Rise is “rising with the sun,” allowing convenience for an early unprecedented brunch downtown.

Rise is open Monday through Friday at 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Saturday through Sunday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and will be offering online ordering soon.


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