Hubie Halloween

With no Oscar nominations for his 2019 film "Uncut Gems", Adam Sandler set out to make a movie that was worse than any before. And nearly a year later, Sandler’s promise appears to be fulfilled with "Hubie Halloween."

Last winter, a movie hit the silver screens that made waves in the film community. It was nerve-wracking, anxiety inducing and, like “Airbud,” it did all this while climaxing in an intense basketball game. This 2012 period-piece is “Uncut Gems,” and probably the most interesting thing about this film is the star, Adam Sandler. The man responsible for “Happy Gilmore” and “Jack and Jill” starred in this critically acclaimed smash hit, and the wackiest part? He was phenomenal. Sandler delivered a surprising and stunning performance for which he won the Independent Spirit Award for best actor, the night before the Oscars.

With no Oscar nominations, Sandler made a vow that if he were snubbed at the Oscars, he would make a movie that was worse than any before. And nearly a year later, Sandler’s promise appears to be fulfilled. With the release of “Hubie Halloween,” I sat down to find out what the worst movie ever looks like.

In the town of Salem, Massachusetts, Hubert Dubois (Adam Sandler) is a local Halloween fanatic who takes it upon himself to guarantee a safe and fun Halloween for the residents of Salem. Voted “Most likely to marry his pillow” in high school, Hubie doesn’t get the respect he deserves, as he is constantly pestered and teased by his old classmates around town. Armed with his trusty multi-purpose thermos, Hubie takes on his bullies as well as a mysterious force making people disappear on Halloween night.

“Hubie Halloween” opens strong, with bold overacting and instantly assuring the viewer that there will be absolutely no subtlety and nuance in this film. Besides Ben Stiller pushing his eyebrows to their limit, we immediately see Sandler dodging a slew of projectiles on his bike from eggs and flaming bags of dog poop to wrenches and cinder blocks, all thrown by neighborhood delinquents on bikes. 

The jokes land somewhere between childish and crude, with plenty of family friendly gimmicks that seem tailored to kids and a handful of sexual innuendos that take aim at a slightly older audience. The humor follows a pretty simple formulaic pattern, with plenty of slapstick to pad the moments in between.

Overall, this feels a lot like a typical Adam Sandler film. If you’ve kept up with his work, you know he has a reputation for making movies that are less “quality cinema” and more like “awful dumpster fire.” This is because Sandler owns his own production company and can make any movie he wants without getting approval from anyone else. As long as someone will agree to show it, he can make money on it, and he has taken this as an opportunity to produce movies with all his friends on a low budget in exotic locations to effectively get paid vacations and have a good time. 

Regardless of if you like his movies or not, this is a pretty cool plan. It tends to pay off and working on Adam Sandler’s movies seems like a great time. On top of this, only acting in movies his company produces has let Sandler speak his mind on Hollywood without needing to censor his speech so much for fear of offending the wrong people and losing his main means of employment.

“Hubie Halloween” is a typical Sandler flick, with all the same fart jokes and funny voices. This would be a nice movie to have on in the background or for parents to watch with their teenage kids. It may not be the best movie ever made, but it certainly isn’t the worst, and it is pretty funny if you’re into silly humor. All in all, this is a fine Halloween movie and a fine example of Adam Sandler doing what Adam Sandler does best. Long live the SandMan. 5/10

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