If you have been to Rockstar before, you may be familiar with last year’s winner, junior Adam Grimes. His impressive voice helped his fraternity win Rockstar again, which is a homecoming event.

Grimes is a senior musical theatre major and represented Pi Kappa Phi during the competition.

This year, 22 students represented different organizations on campus and performed at the event.

Philip Denner, of Phi Gamma Delta, is a junior communication major and one of the competitors. He picked the song “All of Me” by John Legend because it fit his range well.

“I am looking for something slower and something definitely for the girls,” he said.

In the first round, students can choose what they want to sing and the judges will choose the top five singers. In the second round, each person prepares three songs and lets the judges decide which one they are going to sing.

“I’m really happy to have won Rockstar, but I didn’t care about winning at all,” Grimes said.

He said he loved the opportunity to sing for his colleagues and gave advice for future Rockstar participants.

“Just have fun with it, and try to do something different that people will enjoy,” Grimes said.

The first song he sang was “I Want It That Way” by the Backstreet Boys.

“I picked this song because I knew it would be a throwback to all of the students in the audience,” he said.

Before Rockstar started, Pi Kappa Phi held auditions for all guys who love to sing and then attended their own special event to decide who would represent their fraternity. Grimes was the winner. After that, he went to the Office of Student Engagement and attended the audition for Rockstar.

“I want to thank my fraternity for always having my back and for supporting me from the beginning, and of course all of my friends in Greek Life who have always cheered me on,” Grimes said.

Melanie Taylor is freshman nursing major, so this was her first time to attend Rockstar.

“I don’t think it was fair because he won last year, too,” Taylor said.

She said her favorite song of the competition is “All About That Bass.” Her sorority, Alpha Chi Omega, prepared about two weeks for Rockstar. Paula Landry, a junior musical theatre major who represented Alpha Chi Omega, got into the top five.

Taylor said they didn’t advertise a lot, because the judges are the ones who decide the results, not students.

Gabrielle Bozik, a sophomore marketing major, just transferred to MSU this year, so it’s her first time attending Rockstar. She said she liked the winner this year.

“He is really good,” she said.

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