For college students, one of the more popular forms to save money is student discounts. Whether it’s a chain or local business, many different locations in Springfield have opportunities to help students save cash. 

Many national companies offer discounts to anyone who can provide a student email or proof of being a student. Spotify is one example which offers a $4.99 a month student membership as opposed to the regular $14.99 monthly fee. This deal includes access to Hulu and Showtime for no added charge.

Another discount available to students is Adobe Creative Cloud, which normally costs $52.99 a month but is reduced to $19.99 a month.

“I already am paying way too much for art supplies,” said Emily Smith, former Missouri State student . “It’s still a lot of money, but at least I’m not paying $50 for something I need to have.”

For students interested in movies, AMC Theatre offers student discounts every Thursday to those who show a student ID. Similarly, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema offers a $2 discount every day for anyone with a student ID. 

There are several apps that expose many student discounts, such as UNiDAYS, which allows students who create an account to see various discounts or special offers from national brands. 

Local businesses also offer student discounts. An easy way to find many of these is to visit any campus residence hall front desk to see if they have any coupon books available. A few examples include Bair’s Sports Grill, which offers 20% off every day between 2 and 6 p.m., or Springfield Brewing Company, which gives students an extra 10% off when they show their student ID. 

Steve Proffitt, executive director of Potter’s House, said he views giving student discounts as his main way of advertising. 

“I think those discounts we offer, people come in the door and want to come back again,” Proffitt said. “The atmosphere has always been a ‘home away from home.’ It’s created an atmosphere where students want to come back.” 

Proffitt said on Senior Night alone, he gave out about 2,000 coupons for a free drink, as well as always including a coupon in Missouri State’s coupon books. Other local businesses, such as Andy’s Frozen Custard and The Coffee Ethic, take a similar aim and frequently have special offers available to incoming students.

For Proffitt, the focus isn’t as much on making money as it is bringing customers in and forming a relationship. Potter’s House is a not-for-profit ministry, so the goal is different than typical businesses. Still, Proffitt said he thinks other small businesses and coffee shops have a similar focus when it comes to appealing to college students. 

“It’s not the coffee, it’s the relationship, and it would be with any small business,” Proffitt said. “The relationships are important. It allows us a lot of freedom that a retail corporation like Starbucks that’s more corporate, they don’t really have that freedom.” 

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