Xi Omicron Iota, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Alpha Gamma Rho and Sigma Tau—also known as Team Nine during Greek Week—won the Greek Jam dance competition and Greek Week overall on Sat., April 1 at Hammons Student Center.

FSL students, large greek letters, chanting and a buzz of excitement filled the building as the start of Greek Jam drew closer. Each of the nine teams had around 50 dancers who filled up the whole floor of HSC during their performances.

Each team had a theme to their dance that corresponded with the overall theme of Greek Week: Let The Games Begin. Team Nine’s theme was Disney. Other themes included the Olympics, “Cinderella,” the “Amazing Race” and various board games.

Each team would run large set pieces onto the floor with multiple costumes in hand, give their all for eight minutes and rush off the floor with the same speed. Team Nine was the last to perform their Disney themed dance.

Kelli Carter is a member of Xi Omicron Iota and was the choreographer for Team Nine. She performed as Ursula in the dance.

“I was a little bit nervous,” she said. “Watching eight teams go before you, it kinda psyches you out a little bit. I think we gave it our all out there and just laid it all out on the floor.”

Zach Lafferty, a member of Pi Kappa Phi, performed for Team Eight in a dance with an “Amazing Race” theme. Team Eight came took second in Greek Jam. He thought his fraternity and Tri Sigma sorority came together for a great performance.

“I thought it was fantastic,” he said. “ We had great communication. We got along really well, and the theme was solid. The choreographers took our ideas, put it together and had some really good results from it.”

An event of this magnitude was not an overnight operation. Dance teams had been practicing ten to 15 hours a week since January for this one afternoon. They also had to build sets and gather the pieces for their costumes.

Lindsay Bartholomew of Alpha Chi Omega and Danielle Carter of Tri Sigma were in charge of planning the event. Carter said the two had been planning Greek Jam for seven months.

Carter said she hoped everyone experienced a fun environment and enjoyed the grand finale of Greek Week. She also said she hoped everyone appreciated all the hard work that went into making the week possible. Carter was pleased with the atmosphere in the building and how the event progressed.

“It couldn't have (gone) better. There was a lot of positivity, and everyone really came to win,” she said.

Awards were given to individuals while the judges tallied scores. The MCs announced that Team Two took third place as well.

After the announcement of the Greek Jam winners, the overall Greek Winners were announced. Team Two took third. Team Four took second. Team Nine won it all.

“Greek Week has been great,” Lafferty said. “I’ve had a chance to get to know the rest of the chapters while also establishing some new relationships and friendships within my own pairing.”

No matter who won the trophy, the bonds formed and memories shared are the true prizes of Greek Jam and Greek Week.