Outland Ballroom

The Outland entrance sits unoccupied in June. Until recently, the downtown club was closed. 

As COVID-19 continues to keep the future of live music venues on a tightrope above the abyss, The Outland Complex continues to innovate and adapt to the hostile changing environment.

Earlier this month, The Standard released an article about The Outland Complex and its future. Earlier this week, it was announced that among the changes listed in the previous article such as changing the Front of House Lounge to the Outland Bar and making renovations to all three venues, they would also be rebranding The Outland Complex as The Odyssey.

According to The Outland promoter, Johan Collins, this is just the latest in changes to be expected of The Outland in the coming weeks. 

“We wanted to maintain an ‘O’ theme with the renaming,” Collins said. “We wanted to keep that theme while having a space type of vibe.”

Former staff member Seth Goodwin said many staff members he knows are working with the owners to improve The Outland as a whole as well as The Odyssey.

“It’s working incredibly well thus far — as well as can be expected of a live venue during a global pandemic like we’re in,” Goodwin said. 

Since the early days of COVID-19 in the spring this year, The Outland has been closed to make several of these renovations. 

Last month, The Outland announced they would also be adding Sweet Emotion, an emo/pop punk music themed vegan ice cream bar. The ice cream bar is set to be located in The Outland Bar and to have oat-based ice cream as well as a walk up window.

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