Between Feb. 16 and Feb. 17, water pipes burst in the Plaster Student Union, in turn flooding Subway, Panda Express and Burrito Bowl. The locations were forced to pause operations until repairs are finished.

To compensate for the lack of dining options, Missouri State University Residence Life, Housing and Dining Services opened Ghost Kitchen on Feb. 25.

Located next to Chick-fil A, Ghost Kitchen opened with a menu consisting of gourmet grilled cheese and soups, tomato or chicken noodle. Nicole Young, director of marketing for Residence Life, Housing and Dining Services, said the location was created by Senior Executive Chef John Hawkins. The term “ghost kitchen” is used when meals are prepared elsewhere and catered to a location.

Ghost Kitchen meal preparation is done in the Dining Services catering kitchen. The kitchen is normally used to cater events across campus, but also now helps cater the Ghost Kitchen. The finished products are delivered to the PSU. 

All forms of payment are accepted, including Bear Bucks.

Young said the menu is updated every “couple of weeks” by votes from students. Polls will open on the MoState Dining social media pages on March 1,. The first menu update will be completed by the Monday after spring break.

Young said future products may include loaded mac and cheese and street tacos.

Alyssa Farrar, freshman film major, said she enjoyed her Caprese-style grilled cheese from the first bite.

“The cheese is really melty, and I can clearly taste the tomato and pesto,” Farrar said. “I am also super excited to try the tomato soup. 10/10 would order again.”

Hours of operation are Monday through Friday 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., or as supplies last. MoState Dining can be reached on Facebook or Twitter.

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