Woods House Woodstock

Woods House hosted its annual Woodstock event Friday, April 23. The event aims to educate students on Missouri State University’s drug and alcohol polices and encourage safe sex practices.

The event is usually held on the North Mall in front of Woods House, but due to weather, it was held on the third floor ballroom in the Plaster Student Union.

Anna Stewart, sophomore political science major and Woods House council president, said the event mainly focuses on drug awareness. But this year, the event added a safe sex practices booth.

“We just took another turn adding the safe sex into it because a lot of college students aren't educated on that,” Stewart said. “So we thought we should add that because it kind of goes in with the theme of saying no to other drugs and alcohol and such.”

The event consisted of five different tables, one for checking in and the others providing information and prizes. If students visited each table, they won a free Woods House T-shirt.

Stewart said the t-shirts students received are able to be tie-dyed, and the original plan before changing to the ballroom was to have a station for students to do so.

Tables included information on Missouri State University’s drug and alcohol policy, succulents as a stand in for marijuana for students, safe sex information and utilities, and a Kahoot encompassing what students had learned from other tables.

Each table was socially distanced, and since the event took place in the PSU, masks were required at all times when not eating or drinking provided refreshments.


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