Spook House Drawing

It’s the start of the spooky season, and Springfield has many Halloween festivities to choose from. As a Springfield local, one of the most timeless traditions during the ghostly season is visiting the Hotel of Terror and Dungeons of Doom—two of Springfield’s oldest and largest haunted houses.

Hotel of Terror has four hair-raising floors, and at the end, you get to exit down a 96-foot slide. Established in 1978, Hotel of Terror was one of the first haunted houses in Springfield. It was opened for the locals to have something fun and safe to do during the fall holiday.

The haunted houses have greatly evolved since the ‘70s. Every year they find a new feature to add or some way to improve their scares.

The owners write on their website, “We have had the privilege to scare your grandparents, parents, you, your kids and grandchildren to come for 40-plus years and look forward to many more.”

The Hotel of Terror was ranked #4 in the Four State Magazine in 2018.

Hotel of Terror is located only four minutes away from campus on Main Avenue they recently added a new haunt to the terror experience which is just a block down from Terror: Dungeons of Doom. Tickets can be purchased for either one of the haunted houses, or you can get a combo pass. They offer free hay and hearse rides to and from both haunts.

All of the classic horror movie villains come to life. They even have a returning scarer that’s dressed up as Chucky. They have the classic insane asylum scenes, animatronics, a chainsaw killer, horrifying clowns and much more. They are even the home to a real ghost. 

James River Ghost Hunters certified that Hotel of Terror has fulfilled the requirements of true Paranormal activity — a little girl on the third floor. During your visit, you may get to meet a permanent uninvited guest!

Tickets for Hotel of Terror and Dungeons of Doom are $20 a person, and $35 for the combo pass. The haunted houses are open from Sept. 10 - Oct. 31.

Both sites will follow Springfield’s Health Department guidelines and will stay informed on Springfield’s COVID-19 policy updates.

Hotel of Terror has horror movies projected on the side of the building that is free for everyone to experience. After attending the haunted houses, you can tailgate in the trunk of your car and cozy up to some classic horror films with some hot cocoa or apple cider, available at the concession stand. 

This year, celebrate the Halloween season with some friends and come down to the infamous haunted houses; it’ll become a tradition! 

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