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A spikeball player prepares to hit as the ball sails through the air. Spikeball has been described as a quicker, simpler version of volleyball, making it ideal for in between classes. Imaged licensed under Attribution 2.0 Generic.

It can be difficult to find a quick way to have some fun between classes; however, the recently popularized game Spikeball can change that. 

Spikeball Inc. was created in 2008, with the company’s headquarters in creator Chris Ruder’s basement in Chicago. As of 2021, Spikeball Inc. is a multi-million dollar company with millions of players worldwide.

The game has been described as “if volleyball and foursquare had a baby,” according to the official Spikeball Inc. website, and it is easy to see why. Spikeball is the perfect game for those who want the experience of volleyball but do not have the equipment, room or enough people.

Lydia Elder, a freshman psychology major, agreed: “I love Spikeball since it’s like a little game of volleyball. It’s just different enough, though.”

The most basic form of the rules features a two-versus-two game, with one team hitting a small ball down into a round net on the ground. After that, the second team has three hits to return the ball. Play continues until one team fails to return the ball, resulting in a point for the other team. The game ends when one team has earned 21 points.

The familiarity of the game makes it inviting to new players of any skill level. Spikeball is accessible to everyone, and one of the official Spikeball values is, “Be intentionally inclusive.” The game achieves this by being a game that can be played by anyone no matter the circumstances, including younger players, and those who might have less mobility.

“Spikeball is especially fun since you don’t have to be good to play it, you just have to try your best,” Elder said.

Of course, there is room for the more skilled Spikeball players in the community. According to the official Spikeball website, Marshall Harris of ESPN stated that Spikeball is “easy to learn but difficult to master.”

For more experienced spikeball players, tournaments are available for official teams or anyone looking for a little more competition in their game. For those of you curious about joining a local tournament or creating your own on campus, you can simply download the official Spikeball app.

Once downloaded, you will have the option to create a tournament. You can choose all of the details of your tournament, such as date, time and the players invited, and then the fun can begin!

Though the rules are simple, the game can prove to be very challenging. For college students, it’s the perfect combination of ease and fun.

Ryleigh Maple, a sophomore global studies major, stated that “Spikeball is a great way to have fun with your friends while relieving stress, but it’s also like a workout.”

It is easy to understand the rise in popularity of Spikeball after seeing all of the reasons that people love it. If you are ever in the mood to try a fun but challenging pickup game, gather some friends and try out Spikeball this semester. It just might surprise you.


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