The Missouri State University Foundation kicked off their “Bears in the Know” luncheon series on Nov. 6, highlighting different areas of MSU that people may not know exist. The spotlight organization this month was Missouri State University’s Center for Resource Planning and Management, or CRPM.  Read more

During homecoming, Missouri State University held the “It’s On!” event. Hosted by the MSU Foundation, the reception had students filling Juanita K. Hammons Hall for the Performing Arts.  Read more

The Magers Health and Wellness Center’s Counseling Department said they have seen an influx of students over the past couple of months, which has lead to longer waiting periods ranging from two weeks to nearly a month.  Read more

By next year, the Duane G. Meyer library website will be totally transformed and upgraded. Dean of Library Services Thomas Peters recently announced the library is migrating from online service MOBIUS Consortium to four new computer systems. Read more

A report from the Center for Disease Control on the nation’s sexual health as of 2018 shows sexually transmitted diseases are at a peak for Greene County, the state of Missouri and the United States as a whole. The number of reported cases for each disease has been on a steady incline for th… Read more

Of the 50 states in the U.S., Missouri has the lowest tobacco tax of all. Well below the national average of $1.79, the Missouri tobacco tax is 17 cents, according to the Tax Foundation and Department of Revenue. In fact, the tobacco tax in Missouri has remained at 17 cents since 1993. At th… Read more

Crime is an unfortunate part of college life. During the 2018 calendar year, 16 vehicles were reported stolen on campus while two were stolen off-campus. A recent alert shows an uptick in bike thefts on campus. Read more

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