With restaurants switching strictly to delivery or carry-out, the demand for delivery services like Postmates, Doordash and Grubhub have increased. 

This allows local restaurants to not only serve their communities without making the customer leave their home, but provides jobs to those who may need an alternative source of income. 

Missouri State junior Adam Roper delivers for Postmates to earn extra cash.

“It has been the easiest job I’ve ever had and I really enjoy the ability to work whenever I want,” Roper said. 

Roper describes the way Postmates works as very make-shift, and your pay is determined by how many deliveries you complete. 

In order to incentivise delivery drivers to stay active, Postmates offers promotional deals to guarantee payment after a certain amount of completed deliveries. 

“I’ve been able to earn really good money and Postmates gives me delivery quotas, which is like getting a bonus,” Roper said. 

Within his first week, Roper completed 29 deliveries and made $215 including tips, his goal is to reach 50 within two weeks and Postmates will guarantee $400 in his total earnings. 

Going along the same guidelines as Uber or Lyft, Postmates gives drivers a referral code to recruit friends and family. 

Roper was able to have friend and MSU junior Nick Koeller use his referral code to start driving for Postmates. 

“Once I hit my first 50 deliveries, Adam will receive an additional $150 and we’ve agreed to split that 50/50,” Koeller said. 

In regards to keeping its drivers safe, Postmates has added alternate options for delivery dropoff to maximize the safety for both the driver and the customer.

“Depending on the preference of the customer, some deliveries are drop-off, which means I just leave the food at the door,” Koeller said. 

Koeller says these types of deliveries are the safest and most convenient but recommends wearing a mask for hands-off deliveries. 

With any job, there are always negatives, but according to Roper the positives out-weigh the negatives.

“The only thing I don’t like is all the additional driving I have to do in between deliveries,” Roper said. 

Roper says there are certain times of the day that are higher volume than others, and deliveries only come to you if you’re the closest driver to whichever restaurant the customer orders from. 

“The algorithm can be tricky to figure out at first, but once you see the money come in, it makes it all worth it,” Roper said.  

Anyone with reliable transportation and over the age of 18 is encouraged to apply, which can be done on the Postmates website.