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QPS Biokinetics, located in Springfield Missouri, plans to begin COVID-19 vaccine trials in late October. QPS is located at 1820 W Mt Vernon St. and will house the study participants for 10 days, followed with six outpatient visits. Participants can receive up to $8,075 for taking part in the testing.

QPS Biokinetics, an international clinical research organization, is set to begin testing at their site in Springfield, Missouri in October for a vaccine being developed for COVID-19. 

They are aiming for 100 healthy participants and are taking applications for this study now. The study pays volunteers up to $8,075 to take a medication that tests the safety and response of an investigational medication delivered via injection in the upper arm, according to the company’s Facebook page.

Participants in the study are required to undergo a 10-day inpatient stay at the clinic located at 1820 W Mt Vernon St. in Springfield, and to follow up with six return visits spread out over the course of a year, starting on the first day of testing, according to QPS’s website.

“Our interest in this research is great enough that QPS has invested in a new facility on our campus that utilizes negative pressure for the circulation of air to the outside rather than throughout the facility as you would see in normal conditions,” said Trent Chance, marketing coordinator for QPS.

Although the inpatient stay prohibits guest visits and outside food, the clinic has free WiFi, catered food and provided entertainment options including TV with cable, books, magazines and DVD players. Participants are allowed to bring their own forms of entertainment, including laptops and mobile devices, as specified on their website.

The testing phases are divided into eight test groups, each with different start dates but identical test durations. Four of these groups are for volunteers between the ages of 18-54, while the other four are for volunteers aged 55 years or older.

In addition to being screened by age, applicants must also meet certain health metrics which are outlined in their application process posted on their website.

The standards for this test include but are not limited to being a non-smoker, having a body mass index lower than 30 and a review of the applicant’s full medical history.

“The results of the trial are compiled together by a massive team and then reported to the FDA for evaluation before approved for later phases of research, and eventually what we all hope for is an approved and effective vaccine to fight Coronavirus,” Chance said.

QPS has had a clinic in Springfield for over 20 years and has worked with over 30,000 participants over the course of over 1,000 studies approved by the FDA. 

Other studies that they are currently conducting include testing for medications used for hypertension, psoriasis, ulcerative colitis, water retention under fasting conditions and others which can be viewed on the company’s website.  

Applications can be submitted through QPS’s application page online.