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A student uses Handshake’s mobile app.


Missouri State University Career Center has updated the budgeted job platform available to students and alumni.

Before summer 2019, students had access to JobTracks, where students could build a profile and upload their resume for employers to view.

The Career Center is now using an “upgraded” platform called Handshake, Director of the MSU Career Center Kelly Rapp said.

Students can access Handshake through their student email account.

Handshake is a career management platform specifically tailored for students seeking jobs and internships, Director of Communications and Public Relations at Handshake Priti Khare said. 

Khare said 400,000 companies, including all Fortune 500 companies, recruit early talent on Handshake, and job postings are updated in real-time.

Students don’t need an extensive professional network on Handshake to find jobs, Khare said.

Rapp said MSU decided to switch from JobTracks to Handshake because it’s more updated and will better suit students’ needs.

“It’s really built to cater to this generation of students,” Rapp said. “It’s kind of like LinkedIn, but for college students.”

The MSU Career Center’s budget covers the cost of Handshake for all students and alumni to access.

Handshake's price point was also a factor the Career Center's career management platform transition.

Rapp said Handshake is $1,000 cheaper than JobTracks.

Over 800 universities have partnered with Handshake to help students in all fields of study find jobs and internships.

In order to be more noticeable on Handshake, Rapp said students should complete their profile.

Handshake's mobile app also allows students to update their profile on the go.

The mobile version of the platform doesn’t have as many features as their desktop version. For example, students are not able to upload their resumes to Handshake unless they access Handshake through a desktop computer.

When students upload their resumes to Handshake, a peer reviewer from the MSU Career Center looks over the document. The student then receives a proofread copy of their resume via email with direct feedback.

Peer reviewers focus on grammatical errors and page layout suggestions.

Handshake also lists upcoming career center events such as career fairs or resume workshops. Students can register for these events through the platform. 

After a student has registered for an event, they’ll receive an email providing further information about the event.

Ellie Unerstall, senior administrative management major and desk worker at the MSU Career Center, said she has been building her profile over the past week. She said Handshake makes it a little easier to find jobs since it has a search feature that applies filters for positions one might prefer.

“I think it’s just a little bit easier to use,” Unerstall said.

Unerstall said she did have some experience with JobTracks. She said Handshake asks more questions which personalizes her search results.

Unerstall also said there are more job listings on Handshake than there were on JobTracks. Much like LinkedIn, students can list their skills and work experience on their profile.

Later in the semester, Rapp said students will be able to set up appointments with the MSU Career Center through Handshake.

For more information on Handshake, contact the MSU Career Center at 417-836-5636

Afton Harper has been a copy editor and reporter for The Standard since spring 2018. She also snaps pictures in her free time.