Vintage reopening downtown

The new mural on the wall of the bathroom in Vintage painted by Katelyn Betz.

The Vintage Dance Lounge is planning on reopening soon. 

Owner Cole Blake doesn’t have an exact date, but it is scheduled to reopen sometime in November.

Blake said it will still be a vintage-themed bar, described as a “new flair to an old classic.” The club wants to maintain the theme as it once was because they know a majority of their customers enjoy it.

The lounge knows it’s important to maintain the overall style and theme to keep current loyal customers. The renovations are to further improve upon the environment to attract more potential customers.

Blake came across the dance lounge when it was ran by the former owners and wanted to buy it out and fix it up. He read the online reviews that were consistent and thought that they would be very easy to handle. 

One of the biggest changes to the dance lounge is it will now only allow people ages 21 and up to enter. 

Vintage Dance Lounge will only sell alcohol, but they will have a large variety of specials every night. 

Opening week there will be no cover charge. The dance lounge will also give booths only to those who order bottle services to maintain a feeling of “chic classiness.” 

Vintage renovated a large majority of the interior design. 

The first project being the bathrooms. The new design has made them more friendly with better lighting. This was once one of the biggest complaints Vintage has received, and they wanted to make sure it would no longer be an issue for customers. 

The dance lounge recruited MSU graphic design student, Katelyn Betz, to help them redecorate the bathrooms. She has been doing paintwork on their bathrooms to further improve their overall theme. 

When Betz worked with the marketing team, they gave her a few general ideas about the theme the dance lounge wanted but gave her full control over what she got to do. 

“This is my first large-scale project I’ve taken on and they have been really supportive.” 

Betz said she is excited to see what visitors will think of her work.

“It’s a project I’ve been really excited about and I’m looking forward to see what people think of it,” Betz said.

To make the bathrooms more inviting, they went for a “badass women” type of imagery with some empowering, and some just fun sayings on the back of the bathroom stall doors.

Vintage replaced the carpeting with tile and have restored the marble storefront to ensure they keep the vintage look. They noticed the carpets were old and sticky. 

This creates a new environment and ensures the lounge maintains a higher level and feeling of cleanliness. 

The goal with the lighting and bathrooms is to create a more friendly and chic environment. The dance lounge wants its customers to feel safe, clean and respected. 

 New light fixtures have been installed throughout the entire lounge. The front lounge will now be where the bar they serve their drinks. 

They will open up the upper level as a VIP room which will be available to rent out upon request. Vintage has put a new emphasis on cleanliness to maintain customer satisfaction. 

There aren’t any job openings as of now, but they plan to post any new positions that open up on both their Instagram and Facebook pages.