In an effort to combat COVID-19 and serve the public, the Springfield-Greene County Health Department has set up a mobile testing site. Today’s testing site is located in Springfield’s downtown, but it is not open to just anyone.

Kathryn Wall, public information officer for the Springfield-Greene County Health Department, said the testing site was moved today because of the weather; the site needed to be in a weather-proof area. Before this, health workers set up the site outside in tents.

The current location, at the College Station parking garage, can be seen from the street. However, Wall said that not just anyone can go to the testing site. Patients have to be previously examined by a physician and be referred for testing before they are allowed in.

The testing kits are limited; in order to save resources the county will only allow those recommended.

This testing location is a product of a joint effort between Mercy, CoxHealth and Jordan Valley Community Health Center, according to a press release from Mercy.

The testing area was made in an effort to limit the exposure of COVID-19. Hospitals are hoping to keep the virus out of hospital facilities unless absolutely necessary.

According to Mercy’s press release, “The site will assess community disease prevalence of mildly affected patients in efforts to reduce the volume of patients seen in local clinics and emergency departments.”

If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, such as fever, dry cough or shortness of breath, contact your doctor over the phone, or visit this page for more recommendations from the Springfield-Greene County Health Department.

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