Meyer Library

Duane G. Meyer Library.

Meyer Library has introduced a variety of new services this summer for students to take advantage of this fall.

On July 19, the Missouri State Libraries Twitter account posted a video featuring a new self-checkout kiosk. The kiosk is just one part of the library’s new self-checkout installments. Android and iOS applications for smartphones are also available to download, allowing students, faculty and staff to check out books and other materials from wherever they are located in the library. However, if a student does not have a compatible device, they can utilize the kiosk located on the first floor near the self-service group study room booking kiosk.

“The hardware for the kiosk cost between $800-$900,” library Information Technology Coordinator Brooks Travis said. “The annual cost to maintain the service and our custom mobile application is just over $4,000.”

The custom mobile application is the software used by both the library kiosk and personal devices. According to Travis, these costs are significantly less than other self-checkout systems the library investigated, with some starting at $10,000 a year.

Meyer Library also implemented a combined service desk this summer. The new Library Information Desk includes circulation, research help and music services at one location on the first floor south of the elevators.

“One hoped-for effect of the new self-checkout system is more time for staff at this location to provide a broader range of services,” Travis said.

Along with these physical additions, Meyer Library eliminated fines for late books as of July 1.

“Attending university is expensive enough without having to worry about library fines,” Meyer Library Head of Access Services Joshua Lambert said. “We want people to check out our books and learn from them without hesitating because of late fines.”

There are no other consequences for late books, but Lambert said that while the elimination of fines does cover the majority of library books, it does not cover them all.

“Most items are considered ‘lost’ on the 28th day overdue, and you will be billed full replacement cost on those items at that point,” Lambert said, encouraging students, faculty and staff to check out the library’s lost book policy for more information.

At this time, the self-checkout kiosk and mobile services are only available at Meyer Library, but according to Lambert, if proven successful, they will be implemented at the Barbe and Garnett Libraries.

Individuals interested in learning how the mobile self-checkout service works should visit

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