Lucky's Market

Lucky’s Market on Glenstone Avenue recently closed down.

Big brown boxes and attention-catching “closed” signs litter what was once Lucky’s Market. No longer bustling with customers, the store makes its final preparations for permanent closing.

Located on Glenstone Avenue, the store used to offer the community all-natural and organic food. 

“We had a lot of different neat concepts with our sip-and-stroll and our ramen bar and slices of pizza,” said the store’s director, Troy Carson. “So we had a lot of healthy and fun alternatives and a real casual atmosphere that made the store very appealing to people.”

Carson said Lucky’s closing was made official on January 21. What specifically caused Lucky’s to call it quits? 

“The company really focused on our Florida division and building stores,” Carson said. “We built 20 stores in a very short period of time, and we were in the process of building 20 more this year. And, you know, the market down there is very competitive. The company wasn't getting the return on investment for their money, and it really hurt the company financially.”

Lucky’s closing has little to do with the amount of support from the Springfield community. The store had many regular shoppers, such as senior criminology major Sarah Biondo. 

“I am very sad about Lucky’s closing,” Biondo said. “They had a lot of organic foods and just food in general that's healthier for you, so it's kind of sad to see that go. They also have really cheap wine, which was also a plus.”

Biondo does not think Springfield has any other stores that are similar to Lucky’s Market. She said Whole Foods offers some of the same organic options, but there is not a Whole Foods in Springfield or the immediate surrounding area.

Carson agrees that Lucky’s is incomparable. Much thought went into making people feel a particular way when they entered the store. He believes the community will miss Lucky’s.

“There's nothing in Springfield that compares to the store,” Carson said. “We had live music all the time. We had local college musicians play, local musicians throughout Springfield play, and just everything about the store had a different unique feel to it that most locations don't have. It made it very relaxing and enjoyable to shop. People really enjoyed it.”

Overall, the store tried to make the community feel welcome and at home. 

“The people were the best aspect of the store,” he said. “They were what made the store. The equipment, the fixtures, you know, it was the whole vibe of the store. But really, the people made the store.”

For customers, workers, and other people who were a part of the Lucky’s Market community, it may be difficult to find a place to shop that offers both healthy food and a unique ambiance. Hopefully people such as shopper Sarah Biondo and store director Troy Carson find another place that makes them feel as special as Lucky’s did.

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