Magers Health and Wellness Center

Bill and Lucille Magers Family Health and Wellness Center offers women's health services.

The Women’s Health Center at Magers has a full-time nurse practitioner, Shana Delvecchio, and a gynecologist that works on campus once weekly.

They provide low-cost blood testing, diagnosis, preventive care and treatment for illnesses. They provide care for women of all ages and even help older women with menopausal issues. The health center is open four days a week.

“It takes about two to three days to be seen for a consultation visit and about a week or two for a pap smear appointment,” Delvecchio said.

The prices for each visit vary depending on what appointment is made. Dr Fredrick Muegge, the director of health and wellness services,  said “follow up visits are free for 15 minutes.” 

The prices of treatments given also vary depending on what each patient needs. 

“Pelvic exams range from $15 to $150, depending on the insurance,” Muegge said.

The price mainly varies for insurance reasons. Muegge said Magers is unable to accept certain insurance policies, but they do accept international student health care, Medicare, and employee healthcare 

Muegge said they try to keep prices low for students and will refer students to hospital locations that accept their healthcare for further treatment that stays at low prices. In other situations, the Women’s Center refers patients to hospitals for services they don’t provide on-campus, like mammograms or prenatal care for pregnant women.

“We offer pap smears on a case-by-case basis and based on age,” Delvecchio said. “We also provide infection, STD and pregnancy testing — and the HPV vaccine.”

The center also provides a wide range of birth control options. Delvecchio said they provide the oral pill, depo shots, intro uterine and bar implants in the arm.

Missouri State junior Ann Raymer went for a consultation for birth control options. 

“The dialogue was great,” Raymer said. “They were very understanding and non-judgemental. They made sure I had all my questions answered before I left.”

Raymer said she was referred to a local hospital for the IUD implant procedure because Magers is unable to provide this service on campus.