Metaphysical Fair vendor

Thomas Nolan known as a Holistic Warrior, prepares a client for a reading during the sixth annual Springfield Metaphysical Fair Sunday afternoon at Relics Event Center. A Holistic Warrior is an individual who wishes to create balance between their inner and outer self. The Metaphysical Fair was held Friday through Sunday. Admission was $6.

Tables with crystals, herbs and incense fill the room.

Posters that offer insight into a stranger’s personal, love and financial life stand as a beacon by fold up tables at the Metaphysical Fair, shedding light to those searching for answers and willing to pay $20 for it.

The fair was held at the Relics Event Center through Friday, Nov. 1 until Nov. 3. For only $6 guests could get their tarot cards read and listen to guest speakers talk about health and healing.

Each booth, whether its offering to check if a passerbys chakras are aligned or an amethyst to purify any space of negative vibrations, each person standing on the other side of the table has a smile on their face.

They weren’t looking at wallets, but at guests.

Possibly checking an aura, who knows?

Geolite Works, one of the booths set up toward the front of the room, is covered with crystals on the front table and on either side is lined with herbs, sprays and oils. 

Behind the booth Joseph Glosemeyer contently watches from his chair as people move to and from his set up.

“My wife does energy chakra clearings, spiritual consultations and works a lot with herbs. She makes her own blend of oils and adds the herbs to them,” Glosemeyer said.

Glosemeyer proudly talks about his wife, listing all the things Shoena Helen Harris does for their business. Behind him, Harris talks to someone next to her massage table.

Harris consults with a friend whose husband has been sick. Harris said that she is going to check her friend’s chakras to see where the customer’s husband’s health and energy is. 

Harris starts by having her friend lie down and holds a crystal attached to a chain over her, the object moving in slow circles above her chest. 

“Checking on someone’s chakras allows them to know if there is an imbalance,” Harris said. 

If someone finds themselves with an out-of-balanced chakra, Harris said they can use a specially-blended oil that is infused with herbs to help balance that      particular chakra.

Oils and crystals give the user a certain sense of control. If someone is feeling an imbalance in their root chakra, Muladhara, then they are probably feeling a lack of stability, comfort and safety.

Harris said she gives others the ability to pinpoint a problem and have an oil to assist in balancing the chakra. A solution to a problem that can actually be held in the palm of a hand.

However, other booths allow the random landing of crystals and the arbitrary draw of cards to offer insight into their life and what is to come. 

A handful of tarot card and crystal ball reading tables were set up around the room but the simplicity of one with a black cloth covered in intricate white designs and crystals, cards and medallions, sat in the back corner of the room. 

Dressed in all black, except the gold medallion headpiece that sits on her black hair like a crown, the gypsy Desna read cards for guests. 

Originally from Bosnia, Desna says her family is all gypsies. Her grandmother is the one who taught her how to read tarot cards.

Desna uses her card readings as a way to help people figure out if they are currently on the right track, or if they need to change.

She said she believes if someone is on a path that they are unhappy with, she can help them find a way to change it.

“The only thing that is final, is death,” Desna said with a smirk as she laid out her cards.