Campus safety

Blue light telephones are placed throughout MSU’s campus to increase safety.

 Missouri State University was ranked the 65th most secure college campus based on security and property crime statistics.

 A Secure Life, a security solutions company, posted a list of the 100 most secure colleges in the U.S.

 They narrowed their research down by including four-year universities with 10,000 or more students that have access to student housing on campus.  

 The company based its list on campus crime reports obtained from the U.S. Department of Education Safety and Security database. Their property crime analysis came from statistics gathered between 2007 to 2017.

 The top-ranked college on A Secure Life’s list was Touro College in New York.

 David Hall, director of university safety, said MSU’s relationship with the Springfield Police Department is valuable because students have the opportunity to get to know officers.

Hall said that there are many things that go into safety.

 Lighting is an important component in safety, so campus safety tries to focus on places where there are deficiencies in lighting, Hall said.

 Hall said improvements were made to the lighting in lot 31 across from Juanita K. Hammons Hall for Performing Arts this summer after they noticed there were a few vehicle break-ins.

 “We’re constantly evaluating the lighting, and we make sure that it’s always working and we’re getting the coverage we would want,” Hall said.

 Mason Phillips, sophomore business major and desk worker at Freudenberger house, said he feels “pretty safe” walking on campus.

 “It’s a pretty good campus because it’s always busy, so there’s always going to be some people around,” Phillips said. “Once you get off campus at nighttime, I’d use the buddy system.”

Hall also said there are over 700 color cameras around campus as well as two officers patrolling 24/7.

 Nora Alsh, freshman entertainment management major, said she won’t walk around campus after dark because she notices a lot of the crimes reported on campus happen at night.

 “I get a lot of alerts on my phone about thefts and sexual assaults that happen on campus at night,” Alsh said. “So I don’t really feel safe walking alone at night.”

 A total of 33 property crimes occurred on the MSU campus in 2017; thirty of which were motor vehicle thefts.

 Hall said there are things students can do to prevent property theft on campus, like using U-locks for their bikes since they are harder to cut through.

 Hall also said students should take their valuables out of their cars and lock their doors.

 To report any suspicious activity on campus, call University Safety at 417-836-5509.

Afton Harper has been a copy editor and reporter for The Standard since spring 2018. She also snaps pictures in her free time.