Mehwish Khokhar

Mehwish Khokhar

It all started with an itchy throat and lack of energy. Mehwish Khokhar, a graduate student in the chemistry department, went to her doctor who thought that it was just the common cold or allergies. Then the high fever and body aches started. 

Khokhar was diagnosed with COVID-19. She said she has no idea how she contracted the illness. Nevertheless, as soon she was diagnosed, she was put in quarantine. 

The idea of quarantine can be scary to some. However, for her, it was not. 

“It was not hard for me,” Khokhar said. “My host family took care of me.” 

She said though she was not scared, it was difficult for her to be so sick while not being around her actual family. She is from Pakistan and she said she missed her mother every second.  

At first, her mother and host family were the few people who knew that she was diagnosed with COVID-19. She waited for the health department to say she had recovered and then she decided to tell everyone. 

In a Facebook post, she explained to the world her journey with COVID-19. She explained the long nights with fevers, when her family in Pakistan would stay up and not sleep until she slept. Regardless of those long nights, she said she gives all of her glory to God. 

“I would tell myself that my immune system is perfect and give positive vibes to my body,” Khokhar said. “I would say “by His stripes, I am healed.’” Khokhar was quoting from the Bible’s Isaiah 53:5.

In addition to the Bible verses, she would sing worship songs to help herself feel better. Aside from her family and God, she said Missouri State was a big help for her during this time. She is a graduate assistant, and the chemistry department was able to find people to teach her class while she was ill. 

Many scientists and politicians note that there is a lot of uncertainty with COVID-19. According to the Business Insider, there are near 90 COVID cases in South Korea of people recovering and testing negative of the virus and then a few weeks later being positive again.  

Khokhar acknowledged this possibility, however, she is not worried about getting it again in the future. 

“Being a human I can only take precautions, I would rather take care of myself than be afraid,” Khokhar said. 

Finally, Khokhar wanted people to know that she believes there is hope. 

“There are thousands of people who recover each day,” Khokhar said. 

Some of that recovery has been found in Greene County. According to the Springfield Greene County Health Department, there are currently 85 cases, 45 of those have recovered. 

Although there is recovery, she said that we still need to take all precautions to help this virus disappear. She wants people to know to stay home and practice social distancing. 

For more information regarding COVID-19 click here to reach the Greene County Health Department.