Swin Dispensary

Pictured are some of the products offered by Swin Dispensaries.

A new cannabis hemp dispensary, Swin Dispensaries, has recently opened in downtown Springfield.

The dispensary includes cannabis buds containing a premium cannabinoid profile known as full-spectrum cannabis, meaning the cannabis buds yield a medicinal-grade with high potency CBD combined with THC.

Swin Dispensaries products derived from the medicinal-grade cannabis buds include gummies, topicals, tinctures, bath bombs, wax dabs, hash, kief, vape oil and cartridges.

Blake Swindall, founder and CEO of Swin Dispensaries, explained why the shop can legally be open, thanks to one molecule.

“The cannabis plant and all of its parts are not illegal, but the Delta 9 THC level, if over 0.3 percent, is defined as marijuana and we know that marijuana is federally illegal,” Swindall said. “The high levels of total active THC do not define cannabis as marijuana, the Delta 9 THC molecule determines this. Within that reasoning, cannabis and any part of the plant, including the bud, if the Delta 9 THC molecule is 0.3 percent or less, the government’s definition of that cannabis is classified as hemp and not marijuana. That is why our bud is advertised and defined as hemp, not marijuana.”

According to Swindall, when comparing medicinal-grade cannabis to what is found and sold on the streets you are much more likely to know what is in the product from accounts with hemp farms and lab analyses of potency and potential medicinal properties.

Street cannabis provides no paper trail explaining its origins. There is no proof of analyses done regarding its potency or chemical makeup or information regarding where it was grown or manufactured.

“Professional industries and their businesses are held accountable, whereas street sales and street cannabis are not,” Swindall said. “Street sales also have the potential to escalate into violent incidents, whereas a professional, friendly retail environment provides a safe and controlled atmosphere for purchasing cannabis.”

Medicinal-grade cannabis can affect several different illnesses both mentally and physically.

“Medicinal-grade cannabis provides an altered head and body change that is created from interactions within our endocannabinoid system which are protein stations throughout our bodies,” Swindall said.

Because of this interaction, medicinal-grade cannabis can have effects on illnesses such as managing nerve or muscle pain, stress, anxiety, sleep, an increase in appetite and overall wellness.

The cannabis plant contains cannabidiol, CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol, THC. The CBD contains the medicinal properties of the plant, whereas the THC is the alteration or hallucinogenic part of the plant.

Robert Sands, a professional CBD consultant from SunRay Vapors, said there is a difference between medicinal-grade CBD and medical marijuana.

“Medical marijuana is going to have large amounts of THC, which alters you,” Sands said. “CBD is extracted from the plant without the THC, or very little amounts of it, within the 0.3 percent legal limit. Allowing people to enjoy the medicinal effects of cannabis without being altered by the THC.”

By keeping within the legal percent and producing a “beautiful product,” Swindall believes Swin Dispensaries is “one of a kind” with “the highest quality CBD bud in the country.”

“I started our cannabis company to further the betterment of our community,” Swindall said. “Our inception started with the idea that we can create a cannabis company for other companies to model. A kind, classy, upstanding business operation that works with the community instead of against it. To show that we can operate a successful company without following in the steps of other operational standards. It’s a product we can believe in and have worked years to only provide the highest quality in the country, and use its many properties to pioneer the era of hemp products.”