COVID test Magers

A student is administered a COVID-19 nose swab test at Magers Health and Wellness Center’s testing center on the east side of the building Tuesday, August 26.

Due to a student athlete testing positive for COVID-19 Missouri State’s entire swimming and diving team has recently finished a period of self-quarantine.

Since June 1, all of MSU’s non-freshman swimming and diving team members have been practicing for the eventual start of their 2020-2021 season, which does not have a start date yet. To participate, the student-athletes were instructed to follow the re-entry requirements, which consisted of taking a risk assessment survey, then going through COVID-19 clearance procedures.

“Considering that most of these athletes have been doing this since June 1; and that activities are continuously getting pushed back, I can say that the morale of the athletes as a whole is disappointment,” Director of Athletics Kyle Moats said. 

Moats added that COVID-19 transmission control is the main priority of the athletes, coaches, athletic trainers and equipment managers throughout the process of returning fall sports. Before the quarantine, swimmers and divers engaged in social distancing which limited the number of people together in group activities. This applied to areas such as locker rooms, athletic training rooms, meeting rooms; and the Academic Achievement Center.

Before every practice; players have their temperature taken, as well as contact tracing for as far as three hours. Athletes that have been cleared to practice wear a white wristband.

The use of personal protective equipment was another precaution considered in MSU’s re-entry policy. When practice is underway and social distancing can be inconsistent, things like masks and hand sanitizer are required for student-athletes, as well as personnel.

“We’re looking to stay as conservative as possible with whoever is involved,” Moats said. 

When athletes or other members of the campus community test positive, Missouri State is trying to make sure information is shared accurately.

MSU will publicly notify the campus of positive COVID‑19 cases when the individual may have been on campus within the 14 days prior to the university’s notification. All reported cases are supposed to be posted on MSU’s COVID information center website.

The swimming and diving teams usually start practicing during the fall semester. The team has begun workouts again, a Missouri State spokesperson confirmed to The Standard.