Student Government Association will bring a bike share program to campus — if enough students are interested.

This program would allow students to rent bikes to ride around campus and downtown. Students would be able to check them out from bike rack stations and pay when they return it to the station. The bike will not lock unless you pay the machine.

Student Body President Isaiah Villarreal said he wants to implement the bike share program by the spring or fall semester.

“It would be great for sustainability,” Villarreal said. “A program of this size will take a lot of effort and resources, so SGA’s top priority is to ensure students would like to see a program like this.”

The initiative is in its early stages. SGA wants students to take a survey online so SGA can receive additional information to begin this project, such as if students would use the bike sharing services, in which areas they would like to see bike rental stations and if they would be willing to pay daily, monthly or yearly fees.

In cities offering bike share programs in the United States, the average daily rate is $5, the monthly rate is $25 and the yearly rate is $60, according to the SGA survey. A daily or hourly rate would allow students to rent bikes from time to time.

Villarreal said he does not know yet how much it will cost to rent the bikes.

“Pricing is up in the air, depending what vendor we choose,” Villarreal said. “It’s imperative students let us know what they are willing to spend so we go with a vendor that will be marketable to students.”

The City of Springfield is also looking at a proposal from Springfield Bike Share to bring a similar program to Downtown Springfield. The nonprofit organization wants to provide Springfield with a membership-based bike sharing program. The goal is to eventually add 20 bike rack stations, but it will start out by bringing five racks downtown in the spring, for a total of 20 bikes, according to the Springfield News-Leader.

Freshman Riley Lathrom, stage management and technical design major, said the bike share program is a great idea. She said she would like to see bike rack stations outside the residence halls, library and Plaster Student Union.

“I have family in town, so I had to ask to borrow one of their bikes because I didn’t realize how far apart my classes were,” Lathrom said. “I would probably use it, and I think other people would too because I know people who have said they have to sprint to some of their classes.”

Senior Trekelia Dillard, fashion design and merchandising major, said she thinks she would use the bike share program because it would be convenient.

“It would help students be able to get to their classes in a timely fashion because a lot of classes can be scattered all across campus,” Dillard said. “It would be a good alternative to the shuttle because the shuttle can get kind of crazy.”

Students can take the SGA survey until the end of the week.

Layne is a journalism major who started working for The Standard in spring 2016 as a reporter.