Terry Chapman

Terry Chapman

After five, long years of college, I’m finally done … kind of. While I’ve still got one more class to take over the summer (it’s math, yikes), I’m done with college for the foreseeable future. My college experience, however, has been nothing short of exciting.

Soon, I’ll be holding my degree, and I’ll have a visual representation of my accomplishments.

I came to Missouri State University with a year of college already under my belt. When I came here, I remember thinking that everything was so big compared to my small university back home in Upstate New York. The summer prior, I had just changed my major to journalism after taking an internship in my new Illinois home.

My time here at MSU has given me so many opportunities to advance in my career field, and I will always be grateful for the people that have helped me to find that success. Writing for The Standard and being given the opportunity to cover the religion beat has been incredible, while covering religion for KSMU has been nothing short of a dream come true. I have been able to step into the role that I wanted as a journalist, and thanks to opportunity and hard work, the future is bright.

I was fortunate enough to spend my final year as a resident assistant at Kentwood (the best residence hall). This job was a test in every sense of the word, and challenged me in ways that I never expected.

Even with the challenges, this job helped to shape me in ways that I never thought possible, and the memories made will last for a lifetime. Thank you to my supervisor, Michelle Madsen for always showing me how to become better, and how to deal with whatever challenges may come your way. Thank you for showing me how to persevere through the hardest of challenges. I’ll miss our small but incredible Kentwood staff, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for all of us. My staff truly became my family.

While I’m holding off on really starting my career until I complete my final class in the summer, I know that, as cliche as it sounds, the world is my oyster. With that being said, I want to extend a very big “thank you” everybody who has helped myself and countless other journalism students at MSU find success. From the professors who work so hard to ensure that we get real, valuable information, to the staff at KSMU and The Standard who gave me an opportunity to write about what I love, I am forever grateful.

Thank you to Missouri State University for being a place that provides every student the resources to succeed, regardless of their circumstances. MSU is truly a place where anyone can forge their own path.

Sadly, I know that this is likely the last time that I’ll be seeing Southwest Missouri for a very long time, as I plan on pursuing my career somewhere out West. I’ll never forget my time here, and I’ll carry the lessons learned and the experiences gained with me forever.

Goodbye, MSU. Thanks for helping this bear find his place in the world.

Terry is a senior journalism major with a minor in religious studies. He has been a staff reporter since early 2017. Although he originally comes from upstate New York, he currently resides in Illinois.