I am writing this letter in response to last week's article on “Old Town Road.” Country music originated from the predominantly white cultures of the South and Appalachia, so of course most country artists are going to be white. However, the genre has always been open to diversity. In fact the very first person to play the Grand Ole Opry in 1925 was Deford Bailey, a black harmonica player. Another African American, Charlie Pride has had 52 songs on Billboard's top 10 country charts including 29 number one hits, making him one of the most successful country artists of all time. Lil Nas X's song wasn't removed from the charts because of his race. It was removed because it is not country, plain and simple. As a lifelong fan of the genre, I could argue all day about what is and isn't country, but “Old Town Road,” even the remix, definitely isn't. It’s not a combination of genres. It’s just a trap song about country things. It was a cheap marketing ploy to manipulate the country charts so his trap song wouldn't have to compete on the more listened to hip-hop charts. The song's popularity now can be directly attributed to the memes and “controversy” surrounding it.