Lindsay Farrow

Dear freshman year Lindsay,

Okay, first of all I want you to know the year 2020 is literally a movie! But imagine more “Armageddon” and less “St. Elmo’s Fire.” Yeah, the world is crazy. I’ll spare the details, because it will just add to your control issues. 

But for now, the world is simple. The 2016 election hasn’t happened, you have no idea what “Lululemon” is but it sounds delicious and you’ve yet to experience the magical rush of independence that comes with apologizing to city utilities for your late payment. 

It’s true that it gets more complicated as you go along. It also gets better. And yes, I know how much of a cop-out you think it is to tell people it gets better, but it does. Especially for you because that’s what you do. You make yourself better, all the time. 

Though, in the process of making yourself into the best version you can be, there are some things to remember. 

First, go through all the experiences you can include yourself in and never say “no” to anything that could one day lead to a good story. Experiences are everything and they make you more relatable. 

Second, always, and I mean ALWAYS, be a hard worker. There is nothing more respectable or self-fulfilling than earning your way. Also, remember the greatest skills are the things that cannot be taught. You cannot teach somebody curiosity, integrity, resilience and competitiveness. You either have it or you don’t. YOU HAVE IT. 

Lastly, get comfortable being uncomfortable. Yes, you may have daydreamed about moving away from home, but you will miss certain things. Cherish them! And cherish the uncomfortable times as well. They become character building blocks. 

I don’t want to ruin too much of the surprise the next four years will be, but I will promise you it will be the fastest, most eye-opening four years yet.

Just remember where you came from, enjoy the moment, call your grandma and wear your retainer. 2020 will come soon enough and when it comes, you will have lived through the most insane presidential election in modern history, own items from Lululemon as you now know it is indeed a clothing brand and not something you eat, and perfected the art of paying your bills on time. 

Get ready for the most insane four years. 


Senior year Lindsay 

P.S. Yes, you can still fit into your high school clothes. 

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