Over the last couple weeks this “Banned Books List” has been making its way around social media. Basically, this a list of literature that school districts have banned for reasons from “It makes us uncomfortable” to “we don’t want someone to get offended”.

I have to tell you, this list is an absolute joke. Classic novels like “To Kill A Mockingbird” and “Catch-22” banned, for what? To keep people comfortable in safe spaces?

Being uncomfortable is the point. These novels address crucial social issues, including race.

When have we become so incredibly soft and weak that we don’t allow ourselves to be challenged by literature and address these crucial issues?

If we keep censoring our schools like this, then these social problems we see will continue to get worse and worse. You can’t keep kids in these bubbles, the real world isn’t a bubble. It’s a tough place with tough social issues that these kids need to get exposure to as early as possible so they can learn about them.

These books provide the educational value that seems to be lacking regarding a lot of these issues, especially race.

For those schools with these bans in place, you are failing. As an educational system you are failing your students and you should be truly ashamed. If you really feel that banning classic literature is a proper education for America's youth, then get out. You have no place educating our youth. You have no place in the school system. Maybe consider a path where being soft and shorting kids of what they need in life is accepted. Sacrificing our youth’s education is pathetic.

Of course, you are going to feel uncomfortable reading some of these books. When I read “To Kill A Mockingbird,” I was shocked by the language used. However, I learned something. I learned that race is a tough subject and always will be, but if we don’t address it society will never get better with it. Like I mentioned before, being uncomfortable Is the point.

These novels were written in time periods (“To Kill A Mockingbird,” 1960), where race was an even more divisive issue. Did we see it get banned then? No, because at that time we had some values left for our education.

The Mississippi School District claimed that it caused a “racially intense environment.” Well yeah, but wouldn’t you want that in a controlled setting where you can talk things out? Rather than out in the real world where these issues get increasingly multiplied. This school district is a disgrace to our system. Them, and all others with these books banned, should reinstate this literature or every single one of them should be fired and never allowed to work in education again. They are what’s wrong with this country, and have no place with our youth. Get someone in there who cares about a well-rounded education.

I challenge the educational system to step up, and stop being utterly soft. Quit caving in to those who want to censor everything, and educate our youth. If you can’t do that, resign. Simple.