College students are broke. If you are reading this, you are probably a college student and already know this fact. We all know the stereotype of the broke college kid, life-hacking his or her way through the four years and then leaving with massive amounts of debt.

What makes me sick is how this is normalized. Why is it normal for students to struggle so much? It’s amazing just how broke college kids are and what they are willing to do to make money to get by.

My friends were talking today about where to donate plasma, because one needed some extra cash. Everyone else started giving suggestions. Some of the girls said they go pretty regularly.

When I thought about it, it’s crazy to me that giving away a part of your body for money, like that is just a normal thing college kids have to do to get by. I think it is ridiculous that being 18-23 years old, going to school, and doing what people are “supposed” to do still leaves students struggling to make ends meet.

An article from ATTN talked about the cost of college in 1978 versus 2014 and the comparison was shocking.

In 1978, a student could work for minimum wage during the summer and afford tuition for the whole following year (granted the student went to an in-state public school). Someone wrote a comment on Facebook as a response saying, now a student working over the summer wouldn’t even be able to afford their books. Which, in my case, would be true.

The ATTN article stated minimum wage hasn’t kept up with inflation as it should, and college tuition and fees have gone up more than 1,000 percent since 1978. This is unthinkable. Also, considering jobs aren’t opening up very much, the millennial generation will almost collectively start their adult lives struggling.

So, why has the cost of college increased so much? Many people think it is because the schools receive government grants to add to the schools, as well as loan companies, and the colleges can profit off student debt.

Even at Missouri State, money is being used for things students don’t want and that don’t truly aid students. I have heard so many complaints about the Davis-Harrington Welcome Center being built and the renovations on Glass Hall, yet no effort going toward parking.

Recently, Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens announced he will be cutting back money from the state budget, which will impact public education funding the most. This has a lot of Missouri State students and faculty worried, since much of the school is funded through government grants.

People are still trying to figure out how this will impact MSU students. We will just have to wait and see if the budget cuts affect the cost for students or if the school will change where it spend its budget.

As students, we will always obsess over money and how to make it. Unfortunately, this is how we will probably spend the rest of our college careers.

However, with the knowledge and experience we are gaining from this university, we will have the skill and determination to fight for change for upcoming generations. I personally would love to fight for more reasonable tuition costs and more opportunities for students of all kinds to pursue higher education. I hope you all will fight with me.