As of Sunday, Feb 2, the Kansas City Chiefs were world champions — a title they haven’t held in 50 years and a title many Chiefs fans thought they’d never hold again. 

For many fans, it’s been a lifetime of waiting through the Herm Edwards and Todd Haley eras and waiting through seasons with not many wins.

Junior sports administration major Jordan Douglas said he’s glad he doesn’t have to wait any longer. 

“I’ve been a Chiefs fan ever since I could remember,” Davis said. “It’s been a rough emotional ride seeing what we’ve accomplished after all of our ups and downs. I remember going 2-14, and our only hope was Jamaal Charles — and giving up two 20-point leads in the playoffs.”

Davis saw a lot of tough times growing up as a Chiefs fan, but he has remained loyal and represented them through it all. 

“I wear my Chiefs pride on my forehead every day,” Davis said. “I’ve seen us come from nothing to now bring world champions, this experience all seems surreal.”

Even though many Chiefs fans have never seen a Super Bowl win, they have witnessed a World Series.

The Kansas City Royals won a world series in 2015, and Kansas City went all out for the victory parade. Davis, among other fans, expect nothing less for the Chiefs parade. 

“I expect it to be even crazier,” said junior health services major Anthony Nwaneri. “I feel like Kansas City as a whole is more into football than anything.”

Nwaneri said he vividly remembers the World Series parade, and he remembers being proud of the Royals.

“The parade was great, almost surreal,” Nwaneri said. “Even for me, someone who didn’t watch much baseball before then. Just the fact that it was ‘my’ team and ‘my’ city was enough for me to be excited for.”

Kansas City officials estimated a turnout of 800,000 fans for the Royals parade in 2015. This number was later said to be closer to 500,000. Eventually, Alexandar Kollaritsch, who owns an event and security consulting firm in Vienna, Austria, estimated around 255,000, according to an article published in The Kansas City Star in 2015.

Even with these more accurate estimates being revealed the parade route and the grounds outside Union Station were still a sea of blue. And on Wednesday those same grounds were a sea of red.  

Fans by the thousands gathered in downtown Kansas City on Wednesday to celebrate their favorite team winning a Super Bowl. Some were there for the fanfare, others for the camaraderie, but Davis and Nwaneri were there to see their favorite players. 

“I’m most excited to just see the players that I’ve been cheering on from my couch at home,” Nwaneri said.