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The third straight home game for Missouri State ended with a win, but the basketball Bears still have work to do before they hit the road this week.

Last night, the Missouri State men's basketball team lost to Little Rock 67-66. Head coach Dana Ford said it wasn't a "heartbreaker" because there were several errors on the coaching side. Ford has also preached that the Bears need to play as a unit, and that wasn't the case last night.

Basketball Preview 2019

The Missouri State men’s basketball roster includes two local kids who created big names for themselves in high school — something they look to continue on in college.

Coffee bean and steamed milk aromas hit your nose the moment you walk in. Tucked in the back of Big Momma’s Coffee and Espresso bar, men’s basketball coach Dana Ford gives dedicated fans an update on his team. The room echoes just enough, so Ford doesn’t speak loudly. The sun, just rising, p…